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Katrina-lest we forget..

The fourth anniversary of Katrina making landfall was today, Saturday. The horror stories are still fresh in my mind, and most likely will visit me during the night when I sleep tonight.

The gulf coast still has not recovered. The people of the gulf coast still have not recovered.

The Big O says he will go to NOLA sometime this year. He marked the anniversary by talking briefly about the horror of Katrina on his weekly address. He mentioned how his administration is trying to retool the programs that were designed to help the survivors of Katrina. Eleven members of his administration have gone to the region.

He then changed the subject and talked about the H1N1 flu virus.

Lest we forget, the toll on human life following Katrina’s landfall was:

1,836 confirmed deaths, Between 135 and 705 never found and presumed dead depending on which report you read/believe.

The vast majority of the missing and presumed dead are African-American.

We should never forget the ravages of the gulf coast and what it did to the people of the region after Katrina hit land. We can never let it happen again matter what it takes..we can never let any part of our citizenry go through what the folks of NOLA experienced with regard to our government’s actions and handling of the crisis.