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What happened to the compassionate conservatives?

Repubs are douchnozzles

With the launch of the TeaBaggers after the 08 election of Obama, that compassion, however scarce, has left the building. Terrance Heath over at, has a writeup entitled Compassionless Conservatism. In his writeup he quotes Molly Ivins from one of her 2003 columns, saying it’s just as timely today as it was 7 years ago when it comes to the R’s currently in the House and Senate, and I agree with him.From Mr. Heath’s writeup:

The difference between the “compassionate conservatism” of the Bush era and the compassionless conservatism ascendant in the GOP today is that there can be no claim of cluelessness or obtuseness. There is daily evidence that the people’s lives are being horribly affected by the GOP’s policies and political tactics — such as blocking the extension of unemployment benefits amid record unemployment and long-term unemployment. The rhetoric around this stomach-turning obstruction is a mixture of fickleness around “fiscal responsibility” and outright derision and hatred from the very people bearing the brunt of the economic crisis: the long-term unemployed who, after 99 weeks, face the exhaustion of their unemployment benefits. Today’s conservatives can’t claim not to know how their policies impact Americans’ lives. Rather than not knowing, today’s “uncompassionate conservatism” stems from not caring how their policies and political tactics impact people.

Lost in the debate of the president’s proposed “deal” with Republicans to “temporarily” extend the Bush tax cuts in exchange for a 13-month extension of the emergency extension of unemployment insurance benefits is one devastating reality. The proposed deal holds nothing for the 99ers, those Americans who have exhausted or are close to exhausting their unemployment benefits. In the proposed deal as it currently stands, the 99ers get nothing.

Any moderates that inhabited the republican party are now silenced by the extremists, or worse, were voted out of office this past November. For the R’s to steadfastly refuse to extend unemployment benefits to the 99ers during this recession/depression is unconscionable and down right fucking criminal in my eyes.

It’s also going to be harder on our economy since the current 99er’s (2 million citizens) are hanging by their fingernails, unable to spend money on the necessary things needed to stay alive: housing, food, clothing, etc.

Add to that number, the estimated four million more that will be in the same boat come 2011 and it makes the financial toll to our economy and our citizens even more heinous. Fucking assholes are really pushing the envelope not to mention they will be creating another 6 million poor folks.