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Gotta love those Equity firms..NOT!

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CompUSA, who has been struggling mightily for the last few years since Best Buy started popping up everywhere, has been bought by a private equity firm. The private equity firm, Gordon Brothers Group, has stated their intent is to close all stores and sell off the assets. What this means to consumers is:

Less choice in the technology market and, for this Christmas season at least, some majorly good deals as CompUSA sells everything they have in stock at deeply discounted rates.

I love a good sale as much as anyone..but I can’t help but wonder how this will affect areas like mine which are basically small towns with limited access to a variety of stores for all kinds of goods and services, without driving my ass down to Hell-A in a four hour roundtrip commute.

For some reason, the movie “Pretty Woman” just popped into my mind..hmmm.