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Condi must GO..

From BraveNew Films..a nice little vignette of the bullshit and bravado by Condi over the years regarding torture:

Visit for more on the petition drive to remove this disgusting war crimes committing bitch. Sign the petition..what do you have to lose?

Waxman and Condi live this morning

CSPAN is providing us with Waxman’s oversight committee’s hearing this morning. Ms. Rice, our ..cough..illustrious SOS is the guest. You can listen via your computer here. CSPAN3 has the hearing on cable.

Mr. Waxman has graciously provided a live feed on the Committee website here.

Edit: I forgot..TPMmuckraker also provides us with wonderful recaps of the hearing as they are available AND on YouTube, here is the first of hopefully many this morning:

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