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BP’s oil is still out there, right?

Of course it is, but the government and their pals at BP want you to think its all gone. From Naomi Kleins piece up at The Nation:

For the scientists aboard the WeatherBird II, the recasting of the Deepwater Horizon spill as a good-news story about a disaster averted has not been easy to watch. Over the past seven months, they, along with a small group of similarly focused oceanographers from other universities, have logged dozens of weeks at sea in cramped research vessels, carefully measuring and monitoring the spill’s impact on the delicate and little-understood ecology of the deep ocean. And these veteran scientists have seen things that they describe as unprecedented. Among their most striking findings are graveyards of recently deceased coral, oiled crab larvae, evidence of bizarre sickness in the phytoplankton and bacterial communities, and a mysterious brown liquid coating large swaths of the ocean floor, snuffing out life underneath. All are worrying signs that the toxins that invaded these waters are not finished wreaking havoc and could, in the months and years to come, lead to consequences as severe as commercial fishery collapses and even species extinction.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the most outspoken scientists doing this research come from Florida and Georgia, coastal states that have so far managed to avoid offshore drilling. Their universities are far less beholden to Big Oil than, say, Louisiana State University, which has received tens of millions from the oil giants. Again and again these scientists have used their independence to correct the official record about how much oil is actually out there, and what it is doing under the waves.

One of the most prominent scientists on the BP beat is David Hollander, a marine geochemist at the University of South Florida. Hollander’s team was among the first to discover the underwater plumes in May and the first to trace the oil definitively to BP’s well. In August, amid the claims that the oil had magically disappeared, Hollander and his colleagues came back from a cruise with samples proving that oil was still out there and still toxic to many marine organisms, just invisible to the human eye. This research, combined with his willingness to bluntly contradict federal agencies, has made Hollander something of a media darling. When he is not at sea, there is a good chance he is in front of a TV camera. In early December, he agreed to combine the two, allowing me and filmmaker Jacqueline Soohen to tag along on a research expedition in the northern Gulf of Mexico, east of the wellhead.

Ah, don’t you just love the smell of corporate bullshit in the morning?

Matt Taibbi-I love you dude!!

Matt’s latest piece is a wonderful bitchslap of the AIG carpetbaggers. He is responding to the recent NYT OpEd by one of their employees…actually former employee. Executive VP Jake DeSantis. Jake was a big wig in the Financial Products division…you know, the one that created the credit default swaps bullshit. It’s a must read! Just a small tidbit:

Are we supposed to believe that Jake DeSantis knew nothing about Joe Cassano’s CDS deals? If your boss and the top guys in your firm were all making a killing selling anything at all — whether it was rubber kayaks, generic Levitra or credit default swaps — you really wouldn’t bother to find out what that thing they were selling was? You’d really just mind your own business, sit at your cubicle and put your faith in the guys up top to fill you in if there was something you needed to know?

This would be a believable claim for an employee of some other wing of AIG, a company with well over 100,000 employees. But DeSantis works for tiny, 377-person AIGFP, a unit that had only two offices — one in London and one in Greenwich, Conn.

And we’re talking about financial professionals, the most shameless group of tirelessly envious gossips ever to walk the face of the earth. The likelihood that Cassano would pull in $280 million for himself, and his equally greedy, hopelessly jealous employees wouldn’t know not only exactly how he made that money but every last ugly detail about his life — from what skank he’s sleeping with to what side of his trousers he hangs on — is almost zero.

I know plenty of people who work in this world, and I’ve met very few who didn’t hate with every cell in their bodies anyone in their own companies who made more money than they did or got bigger bonuses at Christmastime. Gossiping about each others’ bonuses, and bitching about each others’ compensation, is the national pastime for these people.

So forgive me if I don’t buy this story that poor Jake and his buddies didn’t know about Cassano’s CDS business.

Get em Matt!!! Bitchslap the living shit out of these punks. Taibbi is one of the best journalists out there..I can never get enough of him.

H/T to MPS and the Vanity Press for having this up on their sites.

The 10 Worst Corporations on the planet

By abusers, the report means companies that run afoul of economic and environmental laws. Corporate Accountability International (CAI), picked the companies and they invite everyone to vote on which ones they think are the worst of the worst. From the CommonDreams writeup:

The eight corporations named by CAI are accused of influencing elected officials, undermining democratic decision-making, and endangering the environment and public health. Global warming, war profiteering, and predatory lending figure prominently in the polls.

In other words, some real smarmy bastards my dear reader. Hang on to your hats, here they are:

ADM-Archer Daniels Midland








The CommonDreams piece has a short explanation of why each corporation was included, as does the voting site. You can vote for the worst offender here. Vote early and often! 😉 As we all know, The Corporatocracy has had 8 banner years under BushCo.

A thought-provoking post..

This is a great post about the bullshit that is the United States of America, although it starts out on a different issue..that of Timor. A short blurb:
Is the US a failed state? The thought came to my mind three times in one day, so it is begging for a response.

First, the issue of “failed states” was raised by Alan Narin, journalist and long-time human rights activist on behalf of the people of East Timor. In response to a question about the recent assassination attempt against the Timorese president, Narin said[3]:

Some are saying Timor is a failed state, that here the international community has been pouring all this money into Timor, and all they get out of it is chaos. I think those comments distort the situation.


Then Narin turns the lens on the United States:

But if you’re going to judge other states by that standard, you would have to say that, say, Australia or Indonesia or the US are much more of a failed state than Timor is, because those are countries that have been killing civilians overseas.

And the evidence on the second point is glaring. The US government failed dramatically in preparing for and responding to Hurricane Katrina. Years after Katrina, New Orleans remains a disaster area, due in great part to failures of the state.

GDAEman has some good stuff up on his blog..and I would like to suggest if you have a minute or three you check him out. I like his name and what it signifies too 🙂 If you do drop by his humble abode..let me know.

Artwork by The Worried Shrimp

BP to pay $373mil to make some problems go away..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketFirst off, its complete bs that British Petroleum-BP can do this. There should be criminal charges filed against these mofo’s at every level of management my dear reader. Per an AP writeup, they are buying their way out of the following problems:

BP PLC is taking a multimillion dollar broom to sweep away a slew of federal charges linked to energy price fixing, a deadly refinery blast and pipeline leaks and focus on its energy business.

The more than $373 million in settlements announced Thursday are part of the company’s attempt to get rid of the problems left over from the stewardship of former chief executive John Browne and move ahead with the recently announced restructuring of Europe’s second-largest oil company.

On top of the fines and restitution, four former BP employees were indicted by a federal grand jury in Chicago on 20 counts of mail and wire fraud connected to a scheme to manipulate energy markets.

The bulk of the fines — $303.5 million — aim to punish BP for conspiring to fix propane prices in 2003 and 2004.

Screw ‘punishing’ them..put their smarmy asses in jail for Christ sakes for the murder of their employees. I know if I commit a crime, I can’t buy my way out of it..can you? But this huge corporation can and will. Also..who is going to pay back the citizens that got screwed when these jackasses colluded to fix prices?

This reminds me of the last post I did here ..about fixing the price of natural gas on the commodities market.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketLook at this picture of the plant in TX that blew to hell because BP was cutting corners on safety. People died in this explosion. And BP gets to just pay a fucking fine. Amazing.

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