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The Iraq war is over? Nigga please!!!

Yes I used the ‘N’ word, as a brown bitch I feel I can do that and fuck anyone that says different…and Obama used a lot of words that were bullshit in a bucket tonight during his prime time speechifying on the…cough..War in Iraq. From Obama and his minions I get this horseshit tonight:

As Operation Iraqi Freedom ends, our commitment to a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Iraq continues. Under Operation New Dawn, a transitional force of U.S. troops will remain to advise and assist Iraqi forces, protect our civilians on the ground, and pursue targeted counterterrorism efforts.

There is NO democracy in Iraq, they are NOT civil, stable or self-fucking-reliant…civil war will break out sooner than later…Maliki was not elected yet he runs the country. What other realities do you need to know to realize that Obama didn’t do much of anything but continue the Bush43 Bullshit.From Obama’s speech, via McClatchy:

As we do, I’m mindful that the Iraq war has been a contentious issue at home. Here, too, it’s time to turn the page. This afternoon, I spoke to former President George W. Bush. It’s well known that he and I disagreed about the war from its outset. Yet no one can doubt President Bush’s support for our troops, or his love of country and commitment to our security. As I’ve said, there were patriots who supported this war, and patriots who opposed it. And all of us are united in appreciation for our servicemen and women, and our hopes for Iraqis’ future.

Obama praised Bush43…are you friggin kidding me? Bush43 and his henchman used 935 lies to drag us into Iraq. The Big O made a huge speechifying moment over pulling out around 100,000 soldiers but still leaving 50,000 of our citizens behind. The Big O never said anything about ‘winning’ the war in Iraq…because anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows there was no reason to enter and decimate Iraq…other than they had a nasty-ass dictator that had dissed Bush the First.

So yes…berate me for using the ‘n’ word on The Big O…fuck him and fuck his warmongering agenda…bastard ain’t no better than Bush the Second…and that’s a fucking fact jack. Tonight he was nothing more than a jive ass….well…you know..But wtf will you do about the lies and fuckery spewed by our President and his administration tonight during a prime time address..or the former Pres and his administration of assholes that perpetuated this horseshit on us and the people of Iraq?

Those fuckers ‘leading’ Iraq never met any benchmarks…none. That was all bullshit too. 

Richard Engel on what now for Iraq, from Rachel’s show tonight.

Army suicides spike in June..but the Wars go on.

CNN has historically kept the heat on this issue, which I follow as well, specifically in the video I created for the Iraq War Blogswarm in 2008. From CNN’s latest on this horrific issue, a short blurb(emphasis mine of course):

More U.S. soldiers killed themselves last month than in recent Army history, according to Army statistics released Thursday, confounding officials trying to reverse the grim trend.

The statistics show that 32 soldiers killed themselves in June, the highest number in a single month since the Vietnam era. Twenty-one of them were on active duty, while 11 were in the National Guard or Army Reserve in an inactive status.

Seven of those soldiers killed themselves while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Army numbers.


 Including the June numbers, 145 soldiers have killed themselves this year, more than half of the total number for all of 2009, according to Army statistics.

In 2009, a record-breaking year for suicides in the service, 245 soldiers killed themselves.

These numbers even beat out the highest recorded number of suicides during the height of the Iraq War.

First, the families have to deal with loved ones being in harm’s way in these fucking wars created by the Bush Administration and the boys in the PNAC….then…they get the news that their loved one couldn’t take it anymore and ended his or her life.

Second, the numbers of permanently injured both mentally and physically are off the fucking charts…as is the numbers of deaths in action…Holy fuckamoly people, when will this bullshit stop? – That’s a rhetorical question as Obama shows no sign of abating this carnage which affects an entire generation of young adults.

Todays number: One Trillion

On this memorial day, we stop to consider that huge, horrific number. That number is what the two wars have cost American’s. Raw Story calls it sad, to me it’s more than that. From the RS writeup:

The cost of the United States’ wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have cost taxpayers more than one trillion dollars, a Massachusetts nonprofit said Sunday, marking a grim milestone on the eve of the Memorial Day holiday.

According to the group, the threshold was crossed Sunday at 10:06 am ET, based on Congressional appropriations for the wars. To date, the group notes, $747.3 billion has been appropriated for the U.S. war in Iraq and $299 billion for the war in Afghanistan.

The group, National Priorities Project, conveyed the size of US war spending by highlighting other things that could have been bought with the money. For example, for the price of America’s two wars, the US could give $5,500 in Pell grants to all of America’s 19 million college students for the next nine years. One trillion would also pay the entire healthcare bill for 294 million people, or 440 million children, the group says.

A billing pending in Congress will add another $37 billion to this year’s spending.

In a press release posted Friday, the group gave a list of other considerations that could have been purchased for $1 trillion. Among them:

     What Can You Get For $1 Trillion?

    * Federal Funding For Higher Education — $1 trillion would give the maximum Pell Grant award ($5,500) to all 19 million U.S. college and university students for the next 9 years.

    * 294,734,961 people with health care for one year, or

    * 21,598,789 public safety officers for one year, or

    * 17,149,392 music and arts teachers for one year, or

    * 7,779,092 affordable housing units, or

    * 440,762,472 children with health care for one year, or

    * 137,233,969 head start places for children for one year, or

    * 16,427,497 elementary school teachers for one year, or

    * 1,035,282,468 homes with renewable electricity for one year

It physically makes me ill…sick to my stomach, to think what we could of done with all that fucking money. 

And these…cough, costs.. are just the tip of the iceberg. The cost in human lives and those lives that have been shattered forever just boggle the mind.

This is what nightmares are made of folks… Enjoy your memorial day, if you can. Or watch the video I created a few years back about the human cost of the Iraq and now..the Afghanistan Wars.

Six years ago the lights went out in Iraq

Bush invaded Iraq six years ago today.From

U.S. Confirmed Deaths
Reported Deaths: 4259
Confirmed Deaths: 4258
Pending Confirmation: 1
DoD Confirmation List

From Just Foreign
Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

My video from last years anniversary:

Cost of the Iraq War

A hug and a hat tip to Omnipotent Poobah for the 411 on this site and video.


In the time that it takes you to watch this movie, the US government will have spent $500,000 towards the war in Iraq. At least that’s what this Atari-sounding clip says. Watch as millions of dollars are put into perspective – 84 brand new schools, a flag pin for every man, woman, and child in America, and a hummer plus 10 years of gas.

One improvement that immediately came to mind was to show what could be purchased over time instead of what you could buy with the money over various time frames. Then the time series would make more sense, and one could show the sum over the span of the movie.