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Today’s Dog and Pony show on the Hill..

I tried so very hard to watch it..I really did. My mind was elsewhere and frankly I got real friggin tired of the Congress Critters waxing poetic, sucking up facetime on the camera and then Crocker and Petraeus answering with less words and no substance than we deserve.

With that said..TPM muckraker has a nice set of posts on what went down and videos to boot. I realize I link to them a lot but I think they are the best site in the blogosphere for cutting through the bullshit and giving us the facts.

Here are two links to videos of Obama’s line of questioning. I think he tried to get a straight answer out of Bushie’s little minions more so than any of the other assholes there. Hillary damn near put me to sleep with her fucking speechifying..I was thinking..stfu and ask a question woman!

Got a lot on my mind forgive the lack of bitching and moaning about how fucked up our system is and those who run it.