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Pulitzer Prize-winning author Halberstam killed in car accident.

“The crueler the war gets, the crueler the attacks get on anybody who doesn’t salute or play the game,” he said. “And then one day, the people who are doing the attacking look around and they’ve used up their credibility.”

Those words are from David Halberstam, who died today in a car accident. He was 73. He wrote them about the Vietnam war.

They fit this war to a T, don’t ya think?

Mr. Halberstam won his Pulitzer for his reporting on the Vietnam war. He retired from journalism and went on to write 21 books on topics as Vietnam, civil rights, the auto industry and a baseball pennant race. His 2002 best-seller, “War in a Time of Peace,” was a runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize in nonfiction.