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California SOS Debra Bowen on voting machines and ballot initiatives.

Thanks to the Courage Campaign and Erik for linking to the following videos:

The first one, Secretary Bowen describes how and why she followed through on her duty to de-certify voting systems that shows inherent and persistent problems. She talks about how California is moving forward now that several voting machines are no longer acceptable in Califorina.

In the second one, SOS Bowen provides valuable information about the current initiatives to change the allocation of California’s electoral college votes from the current winner take all system, in time for the ’08 presidential election. She points out how this initiative might be fair if it was done by all states. However the current push, backed by Republican strategists is targeted only at states like California, that are traditionally voting for the Democratic candidate in presidential elections.

If you are opposed to this kind of strategy check out The Courage Campaign at

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California..Debra Bowen needs your support!

Democracy for America, aka DFA has sent out an email asking voters to support the decisions made last week. Debra Bowen made a huge decision. Show your support by contacting our local Registrar of voters and telling them:

“I support Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s decision to restore election integrity and ban unsafe voting machines. I’m counting on you to support the ban and protect our votes.”

If anyone attended the States investigation of the Kern problems with Diebold or any of the other investigations and voting machine problems, great! So did I but if you didn’t I blogged about it here. Ms. Bowen loved my writeup so much, she linked to it on her website when she was running for office last year. Here is the link to find YOUR Registrar in your county.Fax them, email them..all the info is there to contact them. If you call them..the best can tell DFA how it went here.

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