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About that Rules committee meeting this Saturday…

From Chuck Todd’s blog First Read on MSNBC:

A packet sent around to members of the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee has some neutral opinions about the various challenges. One thing folks ought to not miss is the fact that the DNC rules had called for an automatic 50% delegate cut for states that violate the window. The Rules committee went beyond that — which was within its rights — and took away ALL of the delegates. Doesn’t this provide the blueprint for what’s likely to happen on Saturday — a reinstatement of 50% of the delegates in both states? In fact, if we’re interpreting this right, and if the Rules committee follows the letter of the law on this issue, they can’t reinstate 100% of the delegates because of the initial violation. For those following the FL/MI fight closely, realize that a Florida compromise seems to be fairly easy to come to; frameworks are being developed as you read. But Michigan is the real riddle. The biggest impediment there are those “uncommitted” delegates; If the Rules committee decides to accept the January primary results then it’s not clear, via the DNC charter, that it’s within the party’s rules to assign uncommitted delegates to Obama. Of course, as multiple members of the Rules committee told NBC News, there’s such a thing as “political will,” which could trump the DNC charter. Oh, the joys of what we’ll be watching on Saturday.

yep, Saturday, as Elton John once said…is alright for fighting. The DNC lawyers have told them to just seat the suckers but remove half their votes..sounds good to me dudes. But it ain’t over until I scream at a cat for doing something wrong while I try to pay attention to this bullshittery come Saturday morning… 😉

The Three Co-Chairs of the DNC Delegate Credentials Board All Served Under Clinton

Remember last week when I brought up the disenfranchised delegates from FL and MI? Well, here is an interesting fact via Alternet, that is sure to have a chilling effect on whether those delegates, now all pledged to sHillary, get seated or not:

That leads us to the three co-chairs of the DNC Credentials Committee: Alexis Herman, James Roosevelt, Jr. and Aliseo Roques-Arroyo. All three of them served in the Clinton Administration. Okay, as far as we know they are all reputable, upstanding people, but if you were Hillary Clinton and these three people worked for you and your husband during the 8 presidential years Hillary includes on her “35 years of experience,” wouldn’t you feel like you might have some influence on the three co-chairs? After all, the decision of the DNC Credentials Committee will be political; this is not a judicial process.

I get a headache just thinking of what this means to the nomination process for the Democrats..the fix is in methinks..

About those disenfranchised delegates..

Howard Dean, head cheese for the DNC was interviewed by CNN last night. The question of the delegates from FL and MI came up. Dean seemed amenable to seating them. This of course would benefit Billary, who I believe is the anointed one by the Party Faithful. Craig Crawford’s column over at CQ Politics on this subject is pretty good:

If neither Clinton nor Barack Obama makes it to the convention in Denver this summer with a nominating majority, the battle for Florida’s 210 delegates and Michigan’s 157 votes could be decisive. Both of those primaries were won by Clinton, although the candidates didn’t campaign in either state and Obama took his name off the Michigan ballot.

As Dean said, a convention credentials comprised of Democratic officials elected from around the country will settle the matter. The Clinton camp is on the record, naturally, for restoring the Florida and Michigan delegations in proportion to the vote in those primaries.

This is bullshit. Like the Super Delegates, this is a way to control who becomes the Democratic nominee. It removes the power from the people and puts it squarely in the hands of the idiots that run the DNC, DCCC and of course..the DLC. In a move that will remind of us Chicago’s heyday, it will be backroom brawling that decides who gets the nod. Again from Crawford’s column:

Outside the backrooms, the Clinton campaign will surely mount a vigorous public relations drive aimed at turning the debate into a question of “voting rights” and “civil rights,” hoping to put Obama in the position of seeming to oppose such civil liberties. And the Clinton team will argue that Democrats simply cannot afford to deny entry to two of the nation’s biggest swing states in the general election.

One resolution that would avoid such a battle would be for the two states to begin anew and hold party caucuses in the spring. But the Clinton campaign has labored to rally state officials in Florida and Michigan to avoid such a move. That is a major reason why Clinton traveled to Florida on the night of her Jan. 29 primary victory – to fully establish herself as the sole champion for the state’s convention voting rights.

The only fair way to settle this would be to hold new caucus’s. Five will get ya ten that doesn’t happen. Anyone want to take this bet?

I didn’t think so..