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Des Moines Register screws Kucinich

From Tom at Politics Plus, we get this video.

Call or email the jackass’s at the Register, the info for that is the post below. Let them know its NOT ok to push Kucinich out of the final Iowa debate on a freaking technicality. As Dave noted in my comments..the fact that the Des Moines Register is now owned by Gannett says alot about them and why they have become a Rag of a newspaper.

EDIT: from one of our commenters on Sirens Chronicles, Bill, we get info on their advertisers:

CALL advertisers off their web site. Be polite, ask to speak to the sales, general
manager or person in charge of advertising. Object to their advertising in
a paper that would include Keyes in the Republican debate, but exclude

Des Moines Chrysler Plymouth (515) 270-8100
Charles Gabus Ford 800 742 6403
Karl Chevrolet, Ankeny, Iowa 800 622 8264
Business Furniture Warehouse 515.254.9091
Prudential First Realty Phone: (515) 453-7200
Village of Pondersa 515.440.2222
McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C. (CPA’s)
515-288-3279 – 515-462-1882

If you are feeling REALLY frisky, go into classified ads and contact people who have something for sale and object to them advertising in the paper. IT WORKS. They call the paper back and say WTF?

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