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DFA’s Presidential Poll is out.. man Dennis Kucinich won!! Al Gore came in second, which makes me smile as well. Here are the totals:

Dennis Kucinich 31.97% 49364
Al Gore 24.77% 38242

John Edwards 15.6% 24078

Barack Obama 13.86% 21403

Hillary Clinton 4.21% 6504

Bill Richardson 4.09% 6309

Other 2.05% 3171

Christopher Dodd 1.56% 2415

Joe Biden 1.12% 1723

Mike Gravel 0.77% 1182
Notice that Hillary comes in fifth! Progressive Dem’s aren’t buying what Hillary is selling apparently. At least the DFA Dem’s are not. For their list and an interactive state map, click here. Sorry my list is whacked out..I am tired and don’t care that it’s not all neat and pretty. You want neat and pretty, check out the DFA site ok?

I hope this means Dennis will get votes..more than what the MSM polls are giving him. I want him to be well represented in the primary AND the general election. I want him to win..its a dream..but we are allowed to dream aren’t we?

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