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Your Rethug corruption post for today

This jackass just never learns. Don Young, the smarmy, sneaky, on-the-take most likely representative for Alaska’s voters actually had in writing which lobbyists and special interest groups got straight to him and his top advisors. From the link, at TPM muckraker:

Rep. Don Young (R-AK) has had his share of federal investigations, scandal and legal bills, but he may now have a new problem: “The A Team.”

In a document obtained today by, entitled ‘An Intern’s Survival Guide,’ new interns in Young’s office are given various instructions on how to thrive and excel working in Young’s office. The document was distributed to new interns by a paid member of Young’s staff.

The..cough..document is quite precise in its intent. One of Young’s “A Team” folks? Again from TPM:

Most notable on the list is Rick Alcade, the lobbyist at the center of the “Coconut Road” earmark scandal, which the Senate, in an unprecedented move, has formally asked the Justice Department to investigate.

I hope this fucker goes down soon..he really gets on my last friggin nerve.