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Which do you want first…the good news or the bad?

Pelosi delivered 240 bills to Reid and the Senate the last two years. Lets see what the Rethugs under Boehner do in the next two. Reid will still be running the show in the Senate. Personally, Reid has never done anything to really impress me. I guess his dealing behind the scenes must be the key.His speech tonight was kinda neat and very humble, which ole ‘Give em Hell Harry’ is known for. Searchlight, NV is nothing more than a wide spot in the road, I have been there..

Scew it, this is how I see it for the next two years:

So we really can expect DC Gridlock for the next two years, its not rocket science for christs sake. From McClatchy:

Congressional Democrats — their moderate ranks dramatically thinned on Tuesday — are going to be dominated by liberals eager for government to do more to ease the nation’s economic pain.

As a result, “We’re not about to get what people want,” said Maya MacGuineas, the president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, a nonpartisan budget watchdog group.

Instead, we’re likely to get partisan gridlock.

The confrontational tone was clear from the GOP winners Tuesday night — “there’s a tea party tidal wave and we’re sending a message,” proclaimed Kentucky Senator-elect Rand Paul.


The pledge’s centerpiece is a punch aimed squarely at the Democratic gut: It calls for repealing this year’s health-care overhaul, extending permanently all Bush-era tax cuts and imposing budget discipline by rolling back most domestic spending to 2008 levels.

President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress won’t go along. Forecast: gridlock.

That’s not what Americans want. By 77 percent to 22 percent, registered voters want Republicans to work with Obama to get things done rather than stand firm to the point of gridlock, according to the latest McClatchy-Marist poll. Nevertheless, gridlock’s coming to Congress — at least for the opening months.

We just want the bastards to quit pandering to the Corporatocracy and work for the people and our bottom line for fuck’s sake. Both parties.

Voters dumped the most progressive Senator, Russ Feingold. For me, that’s the bad news. His district went 180 degrees the other way. Friggin amazing to me. I don’t want a pundits view of why either. I want someone who voted for Feingold for years to tell me why in the blue hell they went for the guy with the (R) behind his name and what he can do that Russ Feingold can’t.

Obama is still calling the shots as Congress will never get the votes to overturn his veto . Suck on that mutha fuckas…suck on that.