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Brzezinski’s WaPo OpEd

He is known as a realist. To that end, his OpEd today in the Washington Post is interesting and well written. He seems to agree that we must end our occupation of Iraq, but there are of course inherent consequences to that action no matter when we get the fuck outta there. Some choice quotes I latched onto:

The contrast between the Democratic argument for ending the war and the Republican argument for continuing is sharp and dramatic. The case for terminating the war is based on its prohibitive and tangible costs, while the case for “staying the course” draws heavily on shadowy fears of the unknown and relies on worst-case scenarios. President Bush’s and Sen. John McCain’s forecasts of regional catastrophe are quite reminiscent of the predictions of “falling dominoes” that were used to justify continued U.S. involvement in Vietnam. Neither has provided any real evidence that ending the war would mean disaster, but their fear-mongering makes prolonging it easier. (Emphasis mine)

And then there is this:

Contrary to Republican claims that our departure will mean calamity, a sensibly conducted disengagement will actually make Iraq more stable over the long term. The impasse in Shiite-Sunni relations is in large part the sour byproduct of the destructive U.S. occupation, which breeds Iraqi dependency even as it shatters Iraqi society. In this context, so highly reminiscent of the British colonial era, the longer we stay in Iraq, the less incentive various contending groups will have to compromise and the more reason simply to sit back. A serious dialogue with the Iraqi leaders about the forthcoming U.S. disengagement would shake them out of their stupor.

He ends with this:

We started this war rashly, but we must end our involvement responsibly. And end it we must. The alternative is a fear-driven policy paralysis that perpetuates the war — to America’s historic detriment.

I still say..we will have substantial amounts of troops there five years from now. What say you m’dear reader?

We ALL need to be this committed to ending the war.

From Big Brass Blog we get something that happened this weekend in WA. Bless them all, bless them for being committed enough to use the same tactics we did during the Vietnam war. All the emotions came flooding back to me as I watched this video..all the pain, the mace, the batons beating me on my back, hosing it up made me so emotional I can’t even begin to tell you. My hands are still shaking as I write this. Bless you guys in Olympia WA..bless every man and woman that is so committed to ending this war. We need these types of civil disobedience actions in every city and every state. Clog up their friggin courtrooms.

Why don’t we do this now? Why doesn’t the Peace Movement go to this extreme for THIS war?

Is it because people don’t give a damn enough this time around? You tell me my dear tell me. I would risk what I have left of my health to take part in these types of actions again..will you?

EDIT: here is the video of the police pepperspraying the protesters who are NOT resisting arrest or doing anything other than standing there protesting..cocksuckers.

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