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Sweet Jesus on a Ritz..the CIA called it the Family Jewels

Is that arrogant or what? Actually it might be humorous if it wasn’t so damn smarmy folks.

read the entire 700 page history of the CIA right here. Step up, don’t be the bitch and read it when you have nothing better to do. I bet you find some shit you didn’t know. I can’t wait to tear into it.

The history of the CI-fucking-A..wotta trip. Of course there are a couple of things still in the vault..aka blacked out. Much of the redacted material appears in sections relating to Richard Ober, head of the Special Operations Group and deputy to James Jesus Angleton, the agency’s legendary chief of counterintelligence. Its terrorism at its finest..made in the USofA folks. What a proud moment in our history.

Let me know if you read it..ok?