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Colbert’s opening statement to House Judiciary Committee

Colbert made many valid points, but my question is this: Did they, meaning the Congress Critters, take him seriously as he was ‘in character’ and had some really asinine remarks in between his facts, like agriculture is planted at ground level and this practice needs to change. Watch it below and you tell me.

You can watch the entire hearing here on CSPAN.

Update: Both video’s courtesy of TPMTv. Here is Colbert being questioned by Congress Critters. He doesn’t seem to have much, if any, information when asked specific questions. If it’s a joke, it’s on Congress for allowing him to testify.

Stephen Colbert to testify before kidding!

He will be there on behalf of the UFW (United Farm Workers) according to HuffPo:

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert will be testifying before Congress on Friday about immigration during a hearing called “Protecting America’s Harvest.”

Colbert will be appearing with United Farm Workers (UFW) President Arturo S. Rodriguez before the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law. In August, the comedian spent a day working at a corn and vegetable farm in New York state after Rodriguez appeared on his show to discuss UFW’s “Take Our Jobs” campaign.

The effort was intended to debunk the theory that undocumented immigrants are taking jobs away from American citizens and highlight the fact the nation’s food supply is dependent on these farm workers. “Farm workers are ready to welcome citizens and legal residents who wish to replace them in the field,” said the UFW site. “We will use our knowledge and staff to help connect the unemployed with farm employers.”

Out of the 8600 visitors to the UFW site,, that have actually expressed interest in becoming farm workers, only seven have actually taken the backbreaking job of being a farmworker. The site has had over three million hits to date.

Colbert’s stint as a farmworker will air on his show, The Colbert Report, this evening, September 22nd. Must see tv I would say. According to The Daily Caller, Colbert will be appearing before Congress, in character.  Personally, I feel this issue is no laughing matter and what Colbert thinks he can accomplish whilst pulling his shtick is beyond me. But I will watch the Colbert Report tonight and I hope CSPAN will air the hearing Friday.