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A happy feline story, with music!

It’s been a rough week here at the homestead. But I am not dwelling on it. Thanks to TheMom, I bring you a wonderful concerto..I mean catcerto:

The composer’s site for the Catcerto is here. His name is Mindaugas Piecaitis, whether it’s his real name..I dunno.  Nora, the piano cat’s site is here.  Nora was a shelter kitteh, amazing no?

Dear sweet Nora has been named the ASPCA kitteh of the year. Visit her blog at the link.

Ladies and gents – Feline Friday!

First, the best video to date on kittehs, bar none!

Ok, now for today’s pictorial of the kittehs in repose.

Sweetie kicking back and NOT looking pissed off for a change. His fur coat looks so nice at it’s current length. I wish it would stop growing.but of course it won’t. He is afterall a Persian.
Spanky relaxing on top, PeeWee relaxing underneath. It’s hard to see PeeWee but he is snoozing and refused to sit up for the taking of this photo. Get a load of Spanky’s’s one helluva fuzzy friggin tail wouldn’t you say?

This was supposed to be the lid for a litter box. But my felines refuse to use covered kitteh shitty the lid has become a very small sleeping place. It’s a hot spot too, as they all want to take a nap in it for some friggin reason.

Scooter is just big-boned ya know.. 😉

The weather is still in the triple digits here. I hope by this time next month, it will be cooling off and I will not have to run the swamp cooler 24/7, as it sounds like a friggin jet idling on the tarmac.

Have a good weekend, if you drink, don’t drive. We will all just be kicking it here at the feline foster home and watching hours and hours of sports non-stop. Football, baseball..NASCAR and whatever sports-themed shit I can find on the boob tube.

Tuesday I take off for Sandy Eggo. My yuppie-sista-from-hell is getting more surgery on her hand and someone has to take her shit and drive her around. baby sista is getting surgery on one of her eyes and I will take care of her doggie whilst she is unable to see or do much. Don’t ya know its a helluva lot cooler in SD than Bakersfrigginfield. 😉

This time however..I will have internet access..yay!

Another edition of – Feline Friday!

When we last left Sweetie, aka Faceplant, he was trying to adjust to life within the household. He was also shaved bald except for the hair on his face, and he had stitches galore.

Now, Sweetie Pie’s fur is growing back quite nicely, his stitches are all healed and he still is trying to fit in amongst the other felines in the house. Below is a photo I took this morning. As usual, he looks grumpy as shit.

The other males can’t stand him as he is pampered by me as we bond. The females don’t pay him any mind as he is neutered. He tolerates Fuzzy, Lee and Tabby Lynn, the usual suspects that seem to live in the bedroom, very seldom venturing out to the rest of the house. Below in order from top to bottom: Tabby Lynn and her sister Fuzzy.

Sweetie doesn’t go outside the bedroom either. He is still afraid of his own shadow. I also found out that he was declawed when I was loving on him one fine morning.

Who would declaw a cat then let them outside? Dumb mutha fucka’s. Sweetie is quite lucky to have survived without any tools to protect himself.

He is not a picky eater, and tuna for human consumption upsets his stomach and gives him the shits. So he prefers to eat the Hairball formula dry food that all the felines are forced to eat because Clyde has a major hairball problem. Below is Clyde kicking back on the cat chair.
So there ends our Feline Friday edition. The world news today looks grim already.

Another edition of Feline Friday.

Sweetie, aka Faceplant is coming along nicely in the physical sense. His appetite is good and he is becoming a finicky eater. He still wants nothing to do with the other felines and they don’t seem real interested in him either. Sweetie does approve of Sasha however. Below is Sasha and Bobbie a couple of years back. I love the hell out of this picture:

So, Sweetie and Sasha touch noses when Sasha gets on the bed. Sasha loves kitties and actually helped save three newborns from the dog next door last year. She heard them crying as the dog was tossing them up in the air like ragdolls. She wouldn’t settle down until I saved all three of them and brought them in the house so she could check them all over and make sure they were fine. Sasha loves when Clyde and Bobbie give her kisses..but..I digress.

Sweetie’s coat is growing back in, and his stitches are healing. With our temps in triple digits, the swamp coolers are running 24-7, so I have to cover him up or he gets cold. I tried putting a kitty coat on him, but he was none to happy with it. He seems to prefer being covered with one of my t-shirts..a previously worn t-shirt no less. Friggin weirdo..

Sweetie is also a very very VERY picky feline when it comes to using the cat box. Lil fucker won’t go in the box if there is any hint of cat doo-doo in it. I have an entire wall lined with cat boxes at this point and I clean out the damn things every time one of the felines uses it. This is getting old real fast…so I got an automatic, self-cleaning cat box that set my happy ass back one hundred bucks.

This reclamation project is now in the red with Sweetie. And he won’t even go near the damn self-cleaning cat box. Only one cat has ventured into the expensive shitter…

Pee Wee. My fearless little Pee Wee. Actually PW isn’t little anymore. He is still long and lanky but filling out nicely. He sounds like a herd of cattle when he runs down the long hallway chasing one of his step brothers or sisters at 6am every morning.

Ok, that’s it for this week..oh gratuitous shot of Crazy Patty relaxing in an old mixing bowl:
Have a good weekend folks!

Feline Friday!

Gather ’round chil’ren and let mama Dusty tell you a story..

The last week has been spent trying to capture a Persian cat that had taken up residence under our RV. I am not a fan of Persians. They are too hairy for me and their little pushed in faces are fugly.

The temperature has hit triple digits every day over the last 5 days. At night, it got down to 80..oh joy. Now, if you put on a big heavy sweater and sat under that RV for 24 hours you might get an understanding of how this feline was suffering.

He was scared and he smelled bad..real bad.

Twice a day, I would crawl under the RV and bring him food and refill his water dish. The day it hit 110, he wouldn’t eat. He could barely lift his head. Now I was scared.

I had developed a bit of a bond with him in the preceding days. He would let me touch him whilst he ate. When I talked to him he would come to me, but I couldn’t get him to come out from under the damn RV. Even with wonderful treats like chicken breast, he simply would not venture out from under the vehicle.

Monday, when he wouldn’t eat I figured I had to do something to get him in the house. My back was killing me and being an old broad, it wasn’t easy getting my big carcass under that fucking vehicle. But I did it anyway.

So, Monday around noon, when it was already 107, I decided to snatch him up. I could tell he hadn’t drank anything or eaten anything. His meow was so weak it was tugging at my heart strings.

I begged and pleaded with ‘Sweety’ to come to me. I laid on that hot dirt for over 20 minutes talking to him and inching forward towards him. Finally I got to him and he didn’t move a muscle. His eyes were half open. So I grabbed him by the neck. He didn’t even offer resistance.

I got him into the house and he ran under the bed. I was now smelly myself, full of sweat and dirt.

It took a couple of days but he warmed up to me and spent more time on top of the bed than under it. I called our trusty vet, Dr. Anderson, and made an appointment for them to put him under and clip him. His coat was so matted down and he weighed virtually nothing. I have a kitten that weighs more than Sweety. You remember Spanky don’t you? Of course you do.

So he went to the vets. They called me around 2pm yesterday and told me what they had to do. They had to shave him completely, his coat was that matted. Then Dr. Clark, Dr. Anderson’s wife, told me she didn’t want me to be shocked when I came to get him. I said I expected them to shave him down to his skin, I knew how matted he was after being neglected for gawd knows how long.

She then told me about the stitches. I She explained that his coat was the worst she had ever seen and it was all the way to his skin in most places. It was viturally impossible for them to shave him all the way to his skin without knicking him, but he would heal and his coat would grow back. She also said he was horribly emaciated and needed to eat kitten food.

The only good news was that he was nuetered and between 4 and 5 years old.

The only original fur left on him was his feet and his face. From his ears to his tail he was naked and hairless. Or, almost hairless..check out this mornings picture:

If you click it, you can see stitches. poor lil guy.

This morning, he purred when I touched him. He snuggled closer to me, purring up a storm. I guess I am the proud owner of a Persian who answers to Sweety.

Unless one of you dear, wonderful readers would like to have him. I will deliver him to you! Come know you want him, right? 😉

Persians are not very active felines and they like nice quiet environs..which our humble abode ain’t. All the other felines just walk up and stare at him. He is funny looking with that huge head of fur and that skinny little naked, hairless body.

I love my vet’s. They should of charged me $300 bucks for all the work they did, but they only charged me half of that. Dr Anderson and his wife Dr. Clark are good people. I am just glad I had a credit card that could accommodate paying them for their efforts.

Now, which of you wants to adopt this little guy? delivery!

Oh, and have a very happy fourth ya’all. 😉