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Obama isn’t flip-flopping BUT….

He is open to ‘refining‘ his position on withdrawing troops from Iraq.

Fuck you fella. Now that you have the nomination you turn a real hard right.

As for the Obama-nistas..I still ain’t voting for the sumbitch. ;p

Update..from The Times Online this is an OpEd btw:

If next week he named Dick Cheney as his running-mate and revealed that he spends his spare time drilling for oil in wildlife habitats, the only surprise would be that it took him so long.

And then..we have this:

Obama’s openness to adjust his 16-month withdrawal plan appears to be somewhat at odds with the stance he took during ABC News’ April 16 debate in Philadelphia. At the time, Obama seemed to stand by his campaign manager’s pledge to have troops out of Iraq in 16 months.

Oh yeah..its a flip..I don’t care how Rachel Maddow or anyone else paints it, He felt the need to speak a second time today on this ‘change’. As Ms. Liberality said this week in my comments somewhere: He is running off into a ditch on the right side of the road..tsk..tsk..

Update..for those who doubt Obama has used the ’16 month’ withdrawal is but one instance where he did it, as recently as May of this year.