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Fluff Friday..

Edit: My blogger bud KonaGod has his Fluff Friday post up. He is the reason I started this lil endeavor to break up the political mind-numbing posts with a little of the ‘family’. I truely heart Kona and hope you stop by his little corner of the blogosphere and check him and his kitteh’s out. His political posts are pretty good too ;p

I have been promising myself to do a bit of fluff on Friday. So here it is.

I have many pets..we rescue feral kittens and also two abused dogs. There is one dog and one cat that were obtained via ‘normal’ means..meaning we bought them. All the rest were having a bit of bad luck when we happened into their lives..

First up is Clyde. He is our only cat that wasn’t a feral kitten. We bought Clyde in the parking lot of Buck Owens place, the Crystal Palace. The lil fucker wouldn’t quit crying for two days and when I told him he was going back to his momma..he shut up and has been low maintenance ever since. He is sleeping during the hot summer in his favorite chair..oh to be that relaxed..
Next is Nicky. This is an old picture of Nicky..she is now going blind due to diabetes. I love this dog and she is so not like the usual poodle. She is mellow and not a barker. She gets insulin via a shot twice a day. She is such a good girl our lil Nicky. She is my husband’s dog, he has had her for ten years. She is really my dog now..but we won’t tell the ball and chain that..
The picture below is Sasha and Bobbie. Sasha the dog was saved from a sure death by daily beatings from the asshole that lived next door. I would hear him savagely beating her every day when she was just a tiny puppy. She would be screaming and crying..god, I would come unglued. I finally told him one day..give me the dog asshole, or I will turn you in for dealing meth. He said he didnt’ want her anyway..she peed in the house. She never did pee in our house. Sasha is still afraid of all men except my husband. I also eventually did snitch out the dog abuser who is doing time for dealing his meth. Karma..I love it sometimes..Bobbie was the second feral kitten we rescued..she is one bad ass my Bobbie, she puts Casper the cat in his place on a daily basis.. and he is twice her size.
Last, but certainly not least is Charlie. Charlie is one of two kittens that were the last we have rescued. Her brother Jack has inner ear problems which cause his head to tilt wildly to the side..but he’s a cutie too, a red tabby. Charlie is hell on wheels and catching her sleeping took an act of Congress or God..dunno which. We swear Charlie never we were quite happy to find out she does…occasionally.
Ok..thats it…a few of our herd. We always say we will find the feral kittens a home when they are tamed and ready to leave..but they never friggin leave! 😉