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The truth about what we eat- It isn’t what you think it is.

Filmmaker’s Robert Kenner and Michael Pollan are interviewed by CBS News about their new movie: Food, Inc. From the movie website, some facts:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 76 million Americans are sickened, 325,000 are hospitalized and 5,000 die each year from foodborne illnesses.

Approximately 10 billion animals (chickens, cattle, hogs, ducks, turkeys, lambs and sheep) are raised and killed in the US annually. Nearly all of them are raised on factory farms under inhumane conditions. These industrial farms are also dangerous for their workers, pollute surrounding communities, are unsafe to our food system and contribute significantly to global warming.

Approximately 1 billion people worldwide do not have secure access to food, including 36 million in the US. National and international food and agricultural policies have helped to create the global food crisis but can also help to fix the system.

76 Million Americans are sickened by what they consume. On a grander scale, what would the number be worldwide? It boggles the imagination. Our food doesn’t really contain nutrition. It contains corn, salt and fat. This twisted idea of manufacturing our food isn’t just about Meat Products. Its about our fruits, our veggies and anything else we consume. It’s ALL fucked with people. Watch the interview with the producers of Food, Inc. here on YouTube or here on my video page.

Now, See the movie, educate yourself as to what the corporate farms are doing to us in order to make a buck. You can find a theatre here.