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The Big Hurt retires…

Yep, this is a baseball post. For all you hardcore politico’s move on to the next blog if you are so inclined.

Frank Thomas called it quits after 19 MLB seasons. My hope is that TBH (The Big Hurt) will be the first DH to make it into the Hall of Fame. The Chicago White Sox will retire his number 35 this summer when they host the NY Yank$. He deserves to be in the Hall and here is why:

First, Thomas was a staunch proponent of drug testing. He was there from the get-go, he never wavered from his belief that baseball was tainted by steroid use. Sadly, the man was right-on.

Second, his career numbers:  He ranks 18th on the all-time home-run list with 521 and is one of only four players to hit at least .300 (.301 lifetime) with at least 500 homers, 1,500 RBI, 1,000 runs and 1,500 walks. The others are Hall of Famers Mel Ott, Babe Ruth and Ted Williams. He is in great company ain’t he?

His White Sox numbers are phenomenal. Thomas’ 448 homers with the Sox rank first on the team’s charts. He’s also the team’s all-time leader in doubles (447), RBI (1,465), runs (1,327), extra-base hits (906), walks (1,466), total bases (3,949), slugging percentage (.568) and on-base percentage (.427).

I like to think I am a purist and that would mean I despise the DH, but in Thomas’ case I believe he deserves to go into the HOF as no one in the DH era maintained their superior numbers season after season like Frank Thomas did. Sure, he probably should of retired a few years ago..but who retires when they think they ‘still got it’?

Frank was a gamer, that fact can not be denied. Four years from now, he will be eligible. If he doesn’t get in on the first ballot I will be highly pissed.

I hope you open the HOF door for other DH’s Frank..ya did good dude. Thanks for the memories.