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Gainesville elects openly gay Mayor

From ThinkProgress:

Last month, the Dove World Outreach Center — a church in Gainesville, FL that attracted attention last year for erected a sign reading “Islam is of the devil” — posted a new sign stating “No homo Mayor.” The message was directed at Craig Lowe, an openly gay candidate in Gainesville’s mayoral race run-off. “We don’t feel as though the city should be represented by a homosexual,” said Terry Jones, a senior pastor at Dove World. When the media raised questions about whether such advocacy violated the church’s tax status, Dove World changed its sign to just say, “No Homo.” Despite this homophobic campaign, Gainesville elected Lowe as its newest mayor yesterday. However, he won by just 35 votes, so there will automatically be a recount. If Lowe takes office, he will be “among about 30 gay or lesbian mayors nationwide.”

Hopefully this will hold up after the recount. As for the homophobes at Dove World Outreach…you worthless hate-filled fuckers need to get a grip on reality and practice what Jesus preached…acceptance of all people.

Dawn’s fight for equality in Maine.

Go read this please. It is a beautiful yet gut-wrenching story of good people in Maine trying to level the playing field when it comes to LGBT equality in all things important to humans.

There are pictures and a video. The turnout was awesome. But the homophobics turned out as well and I couldn’t believe the shit they spewed in a public forum.

It saddens and angers me that people are so fucked up in this day and age.

Please show Dawn some love and support, she deserves our support in her fight.

Bakersfield’s first gay marriages!

The Reddest County in Cali had major events today. Even though that disgusting woman, who shall remain nameless, tried to keep the gays and lesbians from being married at Bakersfield’s government center…it happened anyway ya fucking homophobes!!! Tell all those theocratic assholes to sit down and shut the fuck up…the world did not come to an end.

Several sweet religious folk came downtown this morning bright and early to make sure the happy couples were still married at City Hall..or in this case..County Hall..They also DID NOT charge for their services!! Bless them. 🙂 One of our local tv stations was broadcasting the event live..I heart channel 7.

What follows are a few of the lucky couples that took the plunge. I hope they are happy and finally get what they have richly deserved for a hundred or more be just as miserable as the rest of us ‘married folks’. 😉

All pictures are filched from website for our local rag, the Bakersfield Californian.

First Couple to get their license: The lovely Lori Renee and Whitney Weddell. They are all smiles! Bless them for waiting so long.

Next up is Rev. Byrd Tetzlaff, as she officiates the first marriage ceremony between Kathi Gose and Karen Briefer.

next we have Amelia Cravens helping Shelby Himes with her wedding dress train..before they marry each other. 🙂

Whitney and Lori has they kiss each other for the first time as a married couple..ah the joy, the love, the all is right with the world feel of it!
so there you have it..Kern fucking County did not get swallowed up into the nether world because some gay folks got married on the steps of the County Administration Building. Fuck all you homophobic bastards..these folks now enjoy the same rights the rest of us have had for friggin evah!

Congrats to the happy couples..some of which have been together for decades and decades..which btw is longer than I have stuck it out with any male. ;p

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