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Healthcare reform? Not for woman’s needs evidently.

From The Nation we learn that none of the healthcare reform bills require the health insurance corporations to pay for birth control for women:

None of the bills emerging from the House and Senate require insurers to cover all the elements of a standard gynecological “well visit,” leaving essential care such as pelvic exams, domestic violence screening, counseling about sexually transmitted diseases, and, perhaps most startlingly, the provision of birth control off the list of basic benefits all insurers must cover. Nor are these services protected from “cost sharing,” which means that, depending on what’s in the bill that emerges from the Senate, and, later, the contents of a final bill, women could wind up having to pay for some of these services out of their own pockets. So far, mammograms and Pap tests are covered in every version of the legislation.

WTF? I am seriously pissed-the-fuck-off. We females endure the bullshit while all insurance companies cover fucking Viagra. I am beyond the birthcontrol age, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get mad when I see this shit for our sisters of child birthing age.

We are half of the adult why in the blue hell are we expected to pay for typical needs for women, such as pelvic exams.

This isn’t about abortions..until Congress overturns a federal law..abortions do not have to be covered by any insurance plan. This is about basic preventative procedures. Again, from The Nation article:

Consider what happened when the subject of women’s preventive healthcare services came up in the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee (HELP) in July, after the minimum benefits package had already been determined. Because some essential care for women wasn’t included in the list, HELP committee member Senator Barbara Mikulski proposed an amendment that would require the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to stipulate that basic women’s health services would be covered. The language said nothing about abortion, referring only to “preventive care and screenings.”

Yet the voting on the amendment went exactly along pro- and anti-choice lines. The amendment passed by just one vote, with all the committee’s Republicans as well as Pennsylvania Senator Robert Casey, an anti-abortion Democrat, voting against it. The committee’s discussion of the amendment was dominated by Republicans’ worry about the possibility of government money winding up in the hands of Planned Parenthood. Since there is no similar language included in the just-released House bill, the only hope for requiring full coverage for these essential services now lies with the Senate.

While some within the anti-abortion movement have long opposed birth control, there is still widespread support for it among the general public, with virtually all women of childbearing age who have had sex using contraception. So why would senators treat birth control and other basic women’s health services as a proxy for abortion? “People equate family planning services with Planned Parenthood, and they equate Planned Parenthood with abortion,” says Adam Sonfield, an expert on funding for reproductive health services at the Guttmacher Institute. The senators who turned Mikulski’s language into a referendum on abortion “either misunderstood or purposely distorted the amendment.”

This is such bullshit, I can not believe it. I am stunned that the assholes in Congress can not differentiate between a pelvic exam and a fucking abortion.They probably can, but they choose not to.

Fuck those anti-choice fuckwits,with a sharp object. I hope to hell they have to face the wrath of their constituents very soon.