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War Czar? We don’t need no stinking War Czar.

Because we already have one..actually two if you count the Decider-in-Chief and Robert Gates. In 1947, the Truman administration changed over from a Secretary of War to the Secretary of Defense. This law also saw the beginning of the Dept of Defense (DoD) and the creation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who’s friggin job it is to assist in the planning and execute the wishes of the Commander in Chief and the SoD in the combat arena when our country is ‘at war’.

Gates, as the SoD, is either too fuckwitted to DO HIS JOB..or the Joint Chiefs are falling down on theirs.

Which is it boys?

Add to this mix that three, count em three 4-star military minds have said thanks but no thanks..and the general assesment should be:

We are in a state of its time to roll up the tents and get the hell out. Or make Gates and the Joint Chiefs do their damn jobs.

But we don’t need another layer of freaking bureaucracy in this hell-hole we call the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. For a good read on this situation MSNBC has Jack Jacobs, a retired Army Colonel, who has more medals than Gates has common sense evidently, giving us his take on this retarded idea.

If tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee, along with the Joint Chiefs, can’t figure it out..its time to get out.

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