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Our F*ckwit of the week.

George Will gets this weeks honors. I do share a love of baseball with that jackass…but that is it. From Crooks & Liars:

George Will claims that there is no defense of BP and their terrible safety record and says of course no one wants to make apologies for them when asked about Joe Barton’s remarks during the Congressional hearings last week. Then naturally he proceeds to play water carrier for the company and slams the Obama administration for getting them to set up the escrow fund, comparing it to something akin to Hugo Chavez nationalizing the oil industry in Venezuela.

TAPPER: George, I want to start with you. I know you don’t agree with what Republican Texas Congressman Joe Barton had to say, but does the idea of this $20 billion escrow account make you uncomfortable?
WILL: It does. Look, there is no defense of BP which has an execrable safety record in this country, from the refinery disaster in Texas in ’05, the Morris Slope leak in ’06, all of that and so no apology from BP. But if you don’t want to live in a Northern Hemisphere Venezuela, you ought to be a little queasy about the fact that a president, any president of any party, using raw political power, without recourse to courts that exist for this sort of thing, under laws, with due process, essentially confiscates $20 billion from a publicly held corporation, about half of its shares held by Americans, to be dispensed, again, with out judicial supervision, as the political branch sees fit. That is worrisome. Even, they have even said that BP maybe held responsible for the lost wages caused by, not BP, but the administration’s own moratorium, six-months moratorium, on deepwater drilling. Which maybe more costly to the economy of the Gulf than the spill itself.

Later in the segment Will quotes Shakespeare and compares the President to Caesar and then reads from an article in The Economist which blasts Obama as being “Vladimir Obama”.

TAPPER: Rahm Emanuel seemed to really seize on those Barton comments almost as if President Obama were on the ballot this year, for the 2010 midterms, running against Joe Barton. Democrats argue that Barton’s comments are not really out of Republican mainstream. And here are some comments from the Republican Study Committee, in the House; 114 members of the Republican Party in the House saying: “BP’s reported willingness to go along with the White House’s new fund suggests that the Obama administration is hard at work exerting its brand of Chicago-style shakedown politics. These actions are emblematic of a politicization of our economy that has been born out of this administration’s drive for greater power and control.” George, it seems like mainstream Republican thought, if that is from the Republican Study Committee?

WILL: Well, among those asking, upon what meat doeth our Caesar feed that he has grown so great?, is “The Economist” of London, which I think we have all accept as a mainstream publication. They say, in a section of their lead editorial, called “Vladimir Obama”, “The collapse of BP’s share prices suggest he has convinced the markets that he is an American version of Vladimir Putin, willing to harry firms into doing his bidding. If the president does not stand up for due process he will frighten investors across the board. The damage to Americans environment is bad enough, the president risks damaging the economy, too.” That’s not a partisan outfit, “The Economist”.

Christ, give me an effin break you worthless corporate-loving stooge.  These sumbitches will stop at nothing when it comes to going after Obama with baseless, political fuckery.

You think Georgie has BP stock? God, I hope so…I really do.

Of course Joe Barton shares in this award…him and his 1.2 million bucks in oil company money he has taken.

Let the games begin!!!

The flowers and trees are blooming, the weather is slowly getting warmer and for me that means only one thing..Let the games begin, it’s Baseball Season! Although there will only be one game today, BoSox vs Yank$, it is the beginning of my favorite time of the year.. Baseball is possibly the only thing that keeps me from going postal and/or stroking out with regard to politics and how the Congress critters and the Obama administration are running our country.

My favorite talking head, Keith Olbermann, is also a lover of all things baseball as well. He even has a blog on that he calls Baseball Nerd. It warms the cockles of my little black heart to know that the man who epitomizes leftwing values loves the sport of baseball as much, if not more, than I do.

The sport of baseball has a wonderful way of crossing political party lines. Even the asshat George Will worships baseball. I am fairly certain that the only thing Will and I have in common is our love of the sport. Will is fond of saying he only writes about politics to support his baseball habit.

Today George has an article up at WaPo that isn’t about’s about baseball. I know for a fact that I could sit and talk for hours and hours with George Will as long as the subject was baseball. The sport is a great equalizer and when I was a young hothead, the only time my father and I could stand each other was when we were watching, listening or talking about baseball. My fathers favorite word to describe me back then was…Commie. We had screaming matches about politics that would drive everyone else from the room. Our discussion’s would end with my father screaming that I was a commie-pinko and I would respond in kind.

But when the subject was baseball, we would be good to each other. Even when we loved different teams, we never got ugly or foul-mouthed towards each other. The best memories of my childhood are of my father and I listening to his beloved Dodgers on the radio and talking baseball.

As an adult I hate the Dodgers, being a Padres fan and all. The Ball n’ Chain is a lifelong Dodger fan as well. Both of us have waited for this day all winter. We both participate in Fantasy Baseball leagues and I love that my spouse comes to me for advice on players to draft…it means I know more than he does about our national pastime.

Keith and George however, know far more than I regarding the history of baseball. So that means I read their baseball columns religiously.

Speakiing of religion..Yes, I do worship at the Church of MLB. It’s the only church I know where people who vehemently disagree can still be friends and lovers. And that is a wonderful thing indeed.

So I gotta cut this short as it’s time for church. 😉

From the Dept of WTF?

George Will said what?

Seriously..was he under the influence of psychotropic medications? Better yet, was he drunk or stoned?

A Politico article calls elite conservative commentator. I know many on the edge of the rightwing fringe think of ole George as elite..but not in the same way I think of the word elite. 😉

George thinks Afghanistan doesn’t matter, that is why he wants us out of there. His reasons..sigh..are vastly different than mine in most respects. From his own piehole:

“[F]orces should be substantially reduced to serve a comprehensively revised policy: America should do only what can be done from offshore, using intelligence, drones, cruise missiles, airstrikes and small, potent special forces units, concentrating on the porous 1,500-mile border with Pakistan, a nation that actually matters,”

Pakistan has nukes, and yes that country is an important part of the puzzle in the region. But so is Afghanistan. I despise Karzai with a white hot hate reserved for child molesters. Afghanistan has a nation will never prosper with Karzai’s disgusting persona at the helm. I think we should work towards burying that bag of batshit…in his own feces.

Yes, I know he was probably just reelected..I don’t give a shit. We need to quit propping his fuckwitted ass up. Wait..

Will said what about Karzai and his government:

Even though violence exploded across Iraq after, and partly because of, three elections, Afghanistan’s recent elections were called “crucial.” To what? They came, they went, they altered no fundamentals, all of which militate against American “success,” whatever that might mean. Creation of an effective central government? Afghanistan has never had one. U.S. Ambassador Karl Eikenberry hopes for a “renewal of trust” of the Afghan people in the government, but the Economist describes President Hamid Karzai’s government — his vice presidential running mate is a drug trafficker — as so “inept, corrupt and predatory” that people sometimes yearn for restoration of the warlords, “who were less venal and less brutal than Mr. Karzai’s lot.”

Oh holy fuckamoly..Did I just agree with George Will? Is the sky falling? Is the rapture around the damn corner? Did I just win the Lotto?

This scares really does.

The rightwing nutters have already come out and blasted ole Georgie out of his underoo’s about this. It’s actually quite fun to watch them all piss down both legs over Will’s OpEd.

Ah, life is good..somewhat. Ya gotta take your fun where you find it ya know. 😉