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Another graduate from Nutter U opens her piehole again: Virginia Thomas

Ginni, aka Virginia Thomas must be craving more than her fifteen minutes of fame with her latest horseshit move. Andy Borowitz has thoughts on this issue as he too has received unwanted calls from Justice Thomas’ crazy-ass wife. From his piece at the New Yorker, which I found priceless this morning:

Shouts & Murmurs: Three Things to Do When Clarence Thomas’s Wife Calls You
Posted by Andy Borowitz

Like many Americans, over the past several years I have been the recipient of multiple unwelcome voicemails from the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. These calls have come in the middle of the night, at the crack of dawn, even at the dinner hour favored by telemarketers. Regardless of the time of day, all of these voicemails have one thing in common: she always sounds like she’s drunk-dialing me, except she appears to be completely sober.

I know what you’re saying: “It’ll never happen to me. Virginia Thomas doesn’t even have my phone number!” Well, that’s what I thought, and several years of trauma counseling later, I’ve come to realize (the hard way) what a fool’s paradise I was living in. Consider this: according to a recent study, the odds of Virginia Thomas leaving a threatening voicemail for you are higher than those of Christine O’Donnell correctly identifying the First Amendment. With those grim statistics in mind, here are three simple steps you can take if and when Mrs. Clarence Thomas calls:

   1. Start apologizing the moment you hear her voice. Remember, like a bear at a campsite, Virginia Thomas does not want to eat you, she’s only after your food, and in this case, your apology is the only thing protecting you from Mrs. Thomas mauling you to death. If apologizing does not work, clap your hands loudly into the receiver in the hopes of scaring her away.

   2. When she says, “This is Virginia Thomas,” reply, “No, this is Virginia Thomas. Who’s calling? Wait a minute—is that you, Anita Hill?” When she denies being Anita Hill (and she will), say, “There you go again, with your infernal lies. This is like Clarence’s confirmation hearings all over again. You disgust me, Anita Hill.” With any luck, accusing her of being Anita Hill will disorient her long enough for you to summon help.

   3. Get in the habit of answering your phone, “Long Dong Silver residence.”

One final note: if you get a call in the middle of the night and there is silence on the other end, that is not Virginia Thomas. That is Clarence Thomas.

I am so tired of these fuckwads and their bullshittery. That the press keeps giving her another fifteen minutes of fame is wrong on every level, unless they are exposing her for what she is: A rightwing extremist that needs a hobby and seems to crave the national spotlight…aka a media whore.

And while we are talking about this cunt, where in the fuck is she getting her money for that worthless non-profit she calls…cough..Liberty Central? Surely, that is more important than her stupid, ignorant call to Anita Hill, especially since her spouse is Supreme Court Justice and fellow wingnut Clarence Thomas. Great NYT OpEd here asking many of the same questions. A short blurb:

Sarah Field, an executive of Liberty Central, told The Times  that the organization pays Mrs. Thomas. Justice Thomas is a beneficiary of that pay and has a responsibility under federal law to “inform himself” about who the donors are because they have an impact on Mrs. Thomas’s personal financial interests.

Mrs. Thomas is not legally required to disclose the donors. That is unfortunate, but she does have a duty to do so, just as former President Bill Clinton had a duty to disclose the donors to his library and charitable ventures when his wife became secretary of state.

Justice Thomas needs disclosure to know if either of those donors is a party in a case before the Supreme Court or has an interest in a party. That is the only way he can comply with a fundamental ethical and legal requirement to “disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.” 

Damn skippy mutha fucka…this cunt and her husband need to be upfront about her…cough…non-profit organization and how much cash she gets from it and who in the blue hell supports this worthless woman’s organization.