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Friday bitchfest extravaganza! Obama, the DOJ and the NSA…assholes all.

Asshole Award

I agree with this OpEd  entitled Problem With Secrecy is Over-Classification Not Leaks penned by Jesselyn Radack and reprinted over at the Govt Accountability Project (GAP). She is responding to an OpEd over at WaPo, which I won’t link to, about the double standard the Obama Administration seems to have taken regarding whistleblowers vs. leaks. Obama has a double standard on LOTS of issues..DADT comes to mind right off the fucking bat. I am sure you can think of quite a few others, but I digress…From Jesselyn’s piece:

Jack Goldsmith’s Washington Post Op-ed echos (without credit) Michael Isikoff’s recent piece by highlighting the double standard of Obama’s position on leak prosecutions in light of the national security information revealed in Bob Woodward’s new book, Obama’s Wars.

However, Goldsmith’s take misses in one major way with the argument that

if the giant disclosures of classified information have no legal consequences, they still harm national security by delegitimizing the presidential classification system.

Goldsmith overlooks that what delegitimizes the value of classified information is over-classifying volumes of information that have nothing to do with national security and everything to do with covering government misconduct, not the leaking of information within the public interest. While Goldsmith does recognize that over-classification is a problem, his argument falls short because it is the over-classification, not the leaking, that undermines the classification system and endangers national security.

Bush43 classified more worthless shit than any president before or after his dumbass. This is a fact jack. I don’t recall anyone except the left bitching about his classification fuckery. This does not give the Obama Administration a free pass on this issue however.

Didn’t the Big O tells us hundreds of times how he was going to bring transparency back to the Federal Government? Yeah right…we have seen how that bullshit has played out, specifically with the case of Thomas Drake which Jesselyn goes into as well in her piece. If you do not recall Mr. Drake’s actions, click the link in his name for a brief explanation. This poor sumbitch is going to pay dearly for blowing the whistle on how our friggin government blew ONE BILLION large on a worthless contract to SAIC for a program that wasn’t worth the cost of the gun powder to blow it to hell.  From the Wikipedia link:

Drake is one of four individuals in the history of the United States who has been charged under the Espionage Act with mishandling classified information.[14] Daniel Ellsberg was the first person to be prosecuted under 18 U.S.C. § 793(e) for disclosing the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times. That prosecution was dismissed because of government misconduct. The second prosecution was of Samuel Loring Morison, a Navy analyst who passed satellite photographs to Jane’s Defense Weekly, who was later pardoned by President Bill Clinton. The third was the aborted AIPAC case (the Lawrence Franklin espionage scandal).

We can only hope that Thomas Drake will prevail like Ellsberg did and if he doesn’t…I hope everyone involved in prosecuting him enjoys eternity in the lowest level of Dante’s Inferno…that includes Obama, who could of prevented or ended the prosecution, if he really wanted to.

Oh, and lets not forget the leak of Valerie Plame’s status and how that one turned out…one of the most heinous of all, in my humble but loud and obnoxious pov. 

Obama continues to prosecute cases brought into the federal court system by the Bush43 administration. Cases that were horseshit, bullshit and any other kind of shit you care to name. I don’t give a flying fuck what excuse Obama and Holder make for continuing that policy…its all bullshit in a bag for me…excuses, excuses and more fucking excuses.The Corporate Media refuses to remind us of most of those cases which are still ongoing. They would rather run their pieholes about Christine ODonnell and how the GOP is gonna takeover and kick Obama’s ass around the block and back come November. 

So a hearty fuck you and kiss my brown ass is going out to Obama and his fuckwads at the DOJ and the NSA this fine friday morning. It’s hard to tell the difference between the DOJ and the NSA under Bush43 and the current one under Obama when it’s all said and done on many issues. States secrets privilege is one of the methods our government uses to keep worthless bullshit from us that would show how fucked up our assholes running the country really are…or to prosecute us when we, as America-loving citizens try to shine a light of truth on the beady rat eyes of the fucktards in our federal government who are pulling the wool over our eyes daily, if not friggin hourly.