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Hypocrisy 101- Mark Sanford took that class.

The Party of No has it’s second philanderer in as many weeks today. Poor Governor Mark Sanford has professed to a few goodies today:

He lied about where he was for the last week.
He has been having an affair with a married woman
He possibly lied about spending South Carolinian’s money to see his mistress.
He hasn’t resigned from the governorship yet, but he demanded that Bill Clinton resign over the Monica Lewinsky affair.
He blew his 2012 move towards the White House out of the water..with a couple of bunker-buster bombshells.

Do I feel sorry for him? Fuck no..but I do feel bad for his wife of 20 years that gave up a lucrative Wall Street career to run his campaigns. She looked like the pinnacle of a good wife..Leave it to Beaver style. He of course supported the DOMA..the Defense of Marriage Act..can you say hypocrite? Read his sordid emails here and here if you wish..I do not.

But his wife kicked his ass out of the house..good for her. Good. For. Her!

Hopefully Sanford and Ensign will get the help they need..a psychiatrist for their lying, hypocrisy and double standards. 😉