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Gee, we have shady contractors in Afghanistan…who knew?

The title is tongue in cheek, but then…not really since the government evidently has just discovered how crooked and lousy American contractors are over in Afghanistan.

Personally, I have to wonder where in the blue hell their heads have been. From ProPublica:

The congressionally mandated Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq and Afghanistan [1] met for the first time in Washington D.C. today, the start of a two-year long probe into corruption, abuse and fraud in the ongoing conflicts that may one day top a trillion dollars in cost.

Front and center was a 456-page report on greed and waste [2] in Iraq written by the Special Inspector General of Iraq [3], Stuart Bowen. The draft of Bowen’s report, entitled “Hard Lessons,” was first revealed in December in a joint reporting project [4] between ProPublica and the New York Times.

The final version contained much of the same details [5] about poor planning and oversight that led to billions of dollars wasted in the $50 billion effort to rebuild Iraq. But the director’s cut included some notable new sound bites.

Christ, are these government inspectors retarded or what? Did they think the same companies wouldn’t screw us in Afghanistan after years of hosing us in Iraq? Again from ProPublica:

But nobody seemed quite able to answer the question of who was watching the store in Afghanistan, where some $32 billion has already been spent. While the Inspector General for Iraq presented his hundreds of pages of learned lessons, his newly appointed counterpart for Afghanistan, the retired Marine Corp Major General Arnold Fields, wasn’t even invited to the hearing. Hearing Chairman Mike Thibault said that the Special Investigator for the Reconstruction of Afghanistan [8] organization was so new, it wouldn’t have been fair to expect expect testimony on their findings.

It’s a must read over at ProPublica folks…sure to chap your ass and jerk your evah-lovin chain.