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1 in 3 females soldiers are sexually assaulted, but Gays will harm the military moral?

From Gritv:

General James Amos, the new commandant of the Marine Corps, recently told reporters that he was concerned about a possible loss of unit cohesion and combat readiness if “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is repealed. It’s the umpteenth time we’ve heard this.

According to SWAN, the Service Women’s Action Network, one in three women is raped or sexually assaulted while serving in our military. I heard a Marine Corps captain choke back her pain this week. Her cohesion’s barely holding up; is that just fine with General Amos?

Misogyny and homophobia go hand in hand. Listen to any service person talk about their training. Much of it actually encourages female-hate, or the hatred of the femme within. So no wonder “fag” is a label to be terrified of. The military will never be safe for LGBT people until it’s safe for females and it’s not. It’s deadly.

Laura Flanders full piece via video below: