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BP is really doing the big con.

They give as little info as possible to the government and the public. From ProPublica:

BP hasn’t yet been able to stop the flow of oil, but it’s been more successful at controlling the information coming out about the Gulf disaster.
McClatchy reported on Tuesday that BP has been withholding the results of [1] “tests on the extent of workers’ exposure to evaporating oil or from the burning crude over the Gulf.” The data is important to determining whether current conditions are safe for workers in the Gulf, researchers told McClatchy. BP said it’s sharing the data with “legitimate interested parties,” but would not release it publicly:

“Why would one do it? Any parties with a legitimate interest can have access to it,” BP spokesman Toby Odone told McClatchy [2].

That’s not the only instance in which the company has restricted the media’s access to information. CBS News reported that one of its news teams was filming on an oil-tarred public beach when Coast Guard officials and BP contractors came by and threatened them with arrest [3]. The incident was caught on tape.

What a crock eh? Check out the rest of ProPublica’s writeup here. It’s bound to piss you the fuck off.

7 most dumbass statements re: Gulf Oil Spill

From Alternet, we get the biggest, most fuckwitted, most outrageous comments from the fuckwads on the right:

7. Rush Limbaugh: Environmentalists probably blew up the oil rig

6. Rep. Taylor Compares Oil Slick to Chocolate Milk

5. Sarah Palin Promotes Offshore Drilling As Massive Oil Leak Continues

4. Bill Kristol Says Offshore Drilling Should be Brought Closer to Land

3. T. Boone Pickens: “All of that will get cleaned up and we’ll be back”

2. Tony Hayward, CEO of BP: “What the hell did we do to deserve this?”

1. Rush Limbaugh: “The ocean will take care of this on its own if it was left alone and left out there. It’s natural. It’s as natural as the ocean water is.”

There really is no need to extrapolate on these asinine remarks. They speak for themselves.

BP offering 30 pieces of silver.

These scum sucking carpetbaggers are offering Alabaman’s $5 grand if they will sign away their right to sue over the damages that their fuck-up has and will cause along the Alabama coastline. From TPM:

BP has been offering $5000 payments to residents of coastal Alabama areas, in exchange for essentially giving up their right to sue the oil giant over its deadly Gulf Coast spill, according to the state’s attorney general.

AG Troy King last night urged BP to stop the effort, and told Alabamians to be wary. “People need to proceed with caution and understand the ramifications before signing something like that,” King said, according to the Alabama press.

A spokesman for BP told a reporter that the waiver clause had now been removed from the contracts, and that the company won’t enforce it in contracts that were previously signed. But King, a Republican, isn’t satisfied. He said last night he’s still concerned that the process could strip people of their right to sue.

Sid Jackson, a Mobile-based lawyer representing a shrimper who last week filed suit against BP, claiming that the spill had already taken a financial toll on his business, told TPMmuckraker that he believed BP would be wise to back down. “I think they kind of drop-kicked that [waiver] clause into the fine print,” Jackson said. But, “I think it would backfire” if BP tried to enforce it.

Don’t you just love it? The economic and environmental disaster has just begun along the Gulf of Mexico coastline, and BP’s biggest concern is circumventing the legal system in order to cover their putrid asses.

Have you ever seen a bird or dolphin dying who is covered in oil? I have as I was a resident of Santa Barbara when the oil spill hit land in 1969. I was a highschool student. I saw all kinds of marine mammals in various stages of dying. Those visions haunted me for decades. The SB oil horror was the beginning of the enviromental movement…it was that horrific.

A little history lesson on oil and marine life:

The oil was so thick upon the water that waves reaching shore reportedly made no sound. The tides brought dead seals and dolphins, whose clogged blowholes caused their lungs to hemorrhage. Countless fish and marine invertebrates perished. Diving birds were soaked with oil while shore birds fled. A massive volunteer effort attempted to rescue oil-soaked birds from beaches and bring them to emergency treatment centers. Even so, less than 30 percent of the birds that were treated survived.

This is what the residents of the Gulf coast have to look forward to. Dead animals and a ruined eco-system.

I will never forget what I saw…and neither will the residents of the gulf coast now. From a post I did on the Santa Barbara oil spill:

I was a highschooler when the Santa Barbara oil spill happened..and I lived in Santa Barbara county. You haven’t lived until you have walked on a beach that has oil ten inches thick all fucking over it. You haven’t seen nothing until you see birds that are covered in the shit and dying a slow painful death. You haven’t experienced shit until you see hundreds of dead fish, seals and dolphins covering the beach.

It is going to happen all over again. I am thankful that I do not live anywhere near the gulf coast. But the nightmares have started all over again for me.

I got family in Houma LA

I have been glued to my internet watching streaming video from one of Louisiana’s tv stations since yesterday afternoon. 

Its extended famliy, one of my son’s closest friends, his wife and two babies are residents of the NOLA area. His house survived Katrina and was in fact used as a medical unit for months afterward. 

They left yesterday, going opposite of the storm to the safety of a hotel the next state over. Fernie is a good man, although I still think of him as a kid. 😉

I talked to him a few minutes ago, and he is still on the road, the youngest baby hollering his fool head off in the background. 

I told him what I know, and what the tv station is saying…its still not sure how big or where Gustav will land. 

And I know Fernie is worried, he got through the first one, but is it gonna hit his home and office this time? 

Fuck I hope not…I am praying it won’t. 

Meanwhile, bus companies that were contracted to haul po’ folks out of the area are NOT living up to their contracts. Sending only a couple hundred bus’s when they are liable for 700.

Such bullshittery. Its fucking maddening.