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I got family in Houma LA

I have been glued to my internet watching streaming video from one of Louisiana’s tv stations since yesterday afternoon. 

Its extended famliy, one of my son’s closest friends, his wife and two babies are residents of the NOLA area. His house survived Katrina and was in fact used as a medical unit for months afterward. 

They left yesterday, going opposite of the storm to the safety of a hotel the next state over. Fernie is a good man, although I still think of him as a kid. 😉

I talked to him a few minutes ago, and he is still on the road, the youngest baby hollering his fool head off in the background. 

I told him what I know, and what the tv station is saying…its still not sure how big or where Gustav will land. 

And I know Fernie is worried, he got through the first one, but is it gonna hit his home and office this time? 

Fuck I hope not…I am praying it won’t. 

Meanwhile, bus companies that were contracted to haul po’ folks out of the area are NOT living up to their contracts. Sending only a couple hundred bus’s when they are liable for 700.

Such bullshittery. Its fucking maddening.