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Did you deal with any neocon relatives yesterday?

Yesterday was a good day….until the drunk neighbors in house A decided to have a group asskicking with neighbors in house B, which is right across the street from our humble abode. Cops came out twice and, the broad with the biggest mouth went to jail….ah…nothing says Happy Holidays like people with baseball bats and shovels! Thanksgiving at it’s finest! At least it was entertaining in a sick twisted way, since the football game we were watching didn’t do much for me fantasy-wise.

If you however, spent your time w/relatives of the rightwing variety, too bad you didn’t read this article first: 5 Ways to Deal With Your Conservative Relatives This Thanksgiving. From the writeup, things to use against obnoxious aunts, uncles, distant cousins or siblings:

Given this month’s volatile political climate, chances are someone’s going to break the no politics/no religion rule and say something to make your blood boil as you sit around the table this Thanksgiving. When that cringe-inducing moment arrives, whether it’s over appetizers or dessert, you want to defend the honor of progressives and their ideas without coming across as snotty, snarky, or out of touch. And without letting the situation devolve into violence. (You’re a pacifist, right?)

So how does one deal with the conservatives at the family table while avoiding a massive food fight? Stay calm and relaxed, and follow these simple guidelines.

1. Brush up on Obama conspiracy theories.

2. Point out the infighting on the Right–and keep yourself out of it.

3. Bring up the Koch brothers.

there are more and they are quite good. These will also work for Christmas family gatherings so bookmark the link!