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Federal Judge dismisses one of many healthcare reform lawsuits.

Once again…It’s all about the anti-choice fuckery. From Jurist:

A judge for the US District Court for the Western District of Virginia [official website] on Tuesday dismissed [opinion, PDF] a lawsuit challenging a provision of the health care reform law [HR 3590 text; JURIST news archive] requiring all individuals to maintain health insurance. The lawsuit, filed by Liberty University, alleged that Congress had exceeded its constitutional powers by mandating that employers provide health insurance or face financial penalties, requiring individuals to purchase health insurance, and that the law violates the university’s religious beliefs because the penalties could be used to fund abortions [JURIST news archive]. Judge Norman Moon, citing a similar ruling [JURIST report] in a Michigan federal court, found that the mandate provisions were constitutional under the Commerce Clause [Cornell LII backgrounder]. Concerning the second issue, Moon ruled that the plaintiffs had not raised a plausible claim that the law is a burden to religious practices.

[Plaintiffs] fail to allege how any payments required under the Act, whether fines, fees, taxes, or the cost of the policy, would be used to fund abortion. Indeed, the Act contains strict safeguards at multiple levels to prevent federal funds from being used to pay for abortion services beyond those in cases of rape or incest, or where the life of the woman would be endangered. Furthermore, at least one plan that does not cover non-excepted abortion services will be offered for enrollment through each of the state health benefit exchanges, as required by the Act. Moreover, the Act specifically allows plans in the exchanges to decline to cover all abortion services whatsoever, including excepted abortion services.

Liberty University will appeal the decision immediately to the US Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit [official website].

The health care reform law is the subject of numerous legal challenges across the country. In October, a federal judge in Florida denied a motion to dismiss [JURIST report] a lawsuit alleging violations of Article I and the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution [text], committed by levying a tax without regard to census data, property or profession, and for invading the sovereignty of the states. In August, a federal judge allowed a similar lawsuit filed in Virginia to proceed on narrow grounds [opinion, PDF; JURIST report], addressing only subject matter jurisdiction [Cornell LII backgrounder] and the legal sufficiency of the complaint. 

Liberty University is that… founded by the rightwing extremist/bible thumper and anti-choice asshole Jerry Falwell. The law school section, which opened in August of 2004, didn’t receive full ABA (American Bar Assoc) accreditation until August 5th 2010. They also teach creationism…I know, what a surprise there.

I watched the whole thing.

The so-called Healthcare Summit has just ended. All the Federal fuckwits are standing around making small talk, slapping each other on the back and laughing too loud.

Nothing got done. There were a few priceless moments when The Big O slapped various rightwingers around verbally. TPM Muckraker has them in video form.

I am trying to decide whether I learned anything from these 8 or so friggin hours…

Ask me later. It’s happy hour at my house, as of right now. Whew…what a waste of a day.

Watching history on Cspan:‘‘Affordable Health Care for America Act’’

I have had the telly tuned into the House since 5am this morning. I was anxious for the debate to begin.

Well, it finally has. It’s incredible to watch the fuckwits with the (R) after their name, talk shit about HR 3962(pdf). The outright lies they have the audacity to recite. The bullshit they toss out as if it is the truth and nothing but the truth. I took the time to sift through the 1900+ pages of it. How many of the R’s actually did that I wonder..

Watching my own representative Kevin McCarthy (R) was an exercise in futility and frustration for me. The “S” word, oh lawd..the “S” word used again and again and again. The dreaded single payer health care, said like it’s a dirty word, a horrible illness in and of itself.

But then, I also got to watch my favorite, Henry Waxman. He was eloquent, he was spot-fucking-on. He laid out what the bill will fix, what it will do away with. Facts, just the fearmongering like the (R)’s.

Does this bill make me happy? Fuck no..far from it. I am a supporter of single-payer. But it’s a start in the right direction, and it will curb the carpetbaggers at the insurance corporations who have been fucking us for decades. 

There will be four hours of debate..tune in and watch a little history folks. Read the bill for yourself..or at least tab through it. Watch the debate online at

Because it’s taken almost 100 years to get this close to change. It’s worth your time.

Americans United takes aim at Ohio’s Boehner

John Mr.Orange Boehner, head of the rethugs spin machine waxed poetic about Ohioan’s desire to NOT have a public option. Yeah right jackass…from American’s United:

Americans United for Change unveiled a new television ad today calling out Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) for his laughable claim that “I’m still trying to find the first American to talk to who is in favor of the public option” as part of health insurance reform.  Airing on cable television in Columbus, OH next week, the spot called “Boehner’s Bogey” notes that the Congressman may be spending too much time on golf courses in Florida and lost touch with his constituents back home considering a recent Quinnipiac University poll showing “Ohio voters support 57 – 35 percent the idea of giving American consumers the option of buying health insurance from a government-run plan.”  Recent national polls found 62 Percent of the American public and three out of four doctors support a public option. 

So, with all that truthiness..I want whatever the hell Johnny boy is smoking. 

Lawrence ODonnell tells it like it is. And it’s f*%ked up.

And what it is, is this:

The majority of Dem’s in the Senate don’t give a shit what is IN the healthcare bill, they just want to pass A BILL. Nan Pelosi is on the same fucking page in the House of Rep’s. And if Rahm speaks for the Pres, Obama doesn’t give a rat’s ass what is in it either.

Twenty three worthless Blue Dogs will not vote for a bill w/the public option in it. One hundred progressive rep’s will not vote for a bill without the public option.

Ten to twenty million people will still not have health care insurance according to Lawrence.

And I fucking believe him. Because when Obama is pressed, he admits not all American’s will have health insurance. He won’t give a number..but he has admitted it several times in the last few months.

It’s getting harder and harder to support Democrats for me. It’s even harder to support Obama at this juncture. This issue is very important to millions of American’s, including me.

I am tired of friends and loved-ones dying from a lack of health insurance. Or, dying because their health insurance provider won’t pay for specific procedures that might save them or at the very least make what’s left of their lives comfortable.

Healthcare is rationed now people..fuck Sarah Palin and her buddies. Fuck all those selfish bastards that could give two shits if everyone in America has access to affordable healthcare, as long as they have healthcare.

I will vote for my cat in lieu of Democrats, after supporting the damn public option instead of universal, single-payer healthcare…only to see it fall by the wayside. I shit you not. I will not support another Democratic asshole if we get hosed on this lousy-ass public option.

I leave for Sandy Eggo at six a.m. tomorrow for a week. But..I will have you aren’t rid of me that easily.