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In Teddy’s name, they will get it done tomorrow.

I just watched the Senators wax poetic about the healthcare bill they are about to pass. Harkin did bring a lump to my throat when he spoke about Teddy and his assistant that still carried the torch for healthcare for all after Teddy died.
I do not call it a ‘reform’ bill because it does so fucking little in that regard. I still consider the bulk of it to be corporate welfare for the insurance companies. Fucking bendejo’s  do not need another handout..they have more than their share of those sumbitches.

Invoking Teddy’s name really kinda pisses me off too..this bill is that shitty.

So kiss my hairy ass you bunch of fucking bought bastards. You do not honor Kennedy’s legacy with this friggin bill. Not even close.

Obama doesn’t invite Docs that want single payer healthcare

When I saw Obama’s press conference the other day, I wondered if any of the medical professional’s that support single payer were in the group.

Seems they were not invited, per The Real News Network video below:

Baucus bill is bullS&*t.

First off, you can read the 223 page bill here.

Below is Anthony Weiner on Countdown last night, discussing the horseshit bill coming out of the Senate Finance Committee.

Rep Weiner is a truly wonderful progressive member of the House. I want this man to run for President..seriously.

In this NYT article, three economists grade the Finance committee bill. One is Dean Baker, who I read regularly.

None of the three give Baucus’s bill a passing grade.

Heavy sigh my friend..heavy-fucking sigh..

Lawrence ODonnell tells it like it is. And it’s f*%ked up.

And what it is, is this:

The majority of Dem’s in the Senate don’t give a shit what is IN the healthcare bill, they just want to pass A BILL. Nan Pelosi is on the same fucking page in the House of Rep’s. And if Rahm speaks for the Pres, Obama doesn’t give a rat’s ass what is in it either.

Twenty three worthless Blue Dogs will not vote for a bill w/the public option in it. One hundred progressive rep’s will not vote for a bill without the public option.

Ten to twenty million people will still not have health care insurance according to Lawrence.

And I fucking believe him. Because when Obama is pressed, he admits not all American’s will have health insurance. He won’t give a number..but he has admitted it several times in the last few months.

It’s getting harder and harder to support Democrats for me. It’s even harder to support Obama at this juncture. This issue is very important to millions of American’s, including me.

I am tired of friends and loved-ones dying from a lack of health insurance. Or, dying because their health insurance provider won’t pay for specific procedures that might save them or at the very least make what’s left of their lives comfortable.

Healthcare is rationed now people..fuck Sarah Palin and her buddies. Fuck all those selfish bastards that could give two shits if everyone in America has access to affordable healthcare, as long as they have healthcare.

I will vote for my cat in lieu of Democrats, after supporting the damn public option instead of universal, single-payer healthcare…only to see it fall by the wayside. I shit you not. I will not support another Democratic asshole if we get hosed on this lousy-ass public option.

I leave for Sandy Eggo at six a.m. tomorrow for a week. But..I will have you aren’t rid of me that easily.

Anthony Weiner-Medicare, aka single-payer, for everyone!

I never watch Morning Joe. Never. I hate his dumb ass, and frankly he always refuses to deal with and/or answer legitimate questions posed by intelligent guests that are left of the center.

What forced me to watch the clip below was this great read over at The Nation. Let me start by saying I wish to hell Anthony Weiner was my Congressional critter. He is spot-fucking-on with his logic in this interview with Joey Scar. Just a few of his points, courtesy of The Nation piece:

He even repeated Weiner’s points clearly: The goverment would take over only the “paying mechanism” of healthcare, not the doctors or their medical decisions themselves. His ears perked up every time Weiner mentioned that the nonprofit Medicare spends 4 percent on overhead, while private insurers spend 30 percent.


Maybe the real turning point came when Weiner asked, “How does Wal-mart offer $4 prescriptions?” Joe and co-host Mika Brzezinski looked as if they’d been thwacked by a hardback copy of Atlas Shrugged, and sat back to let the congressman explain it all to them:

They go to the pharmaceutical companies and say, “Listen, we have a giant buying pool here. You’re going to give us a great deal.”

Who’s bigger than Wal-Mart? We are, the taxpayers. Do we do that? No. Because we have outsourced this to insurance companies who don’t have necessarily as much incentive to keep those costs down because, frankly, they are getting a piece of the action.

As for the free-market freaks..Weiner asks Joey Scar and Mika..what exactly does the Health Insurance Industry provide, create, make or manufacture? Health Insurance is NOT a commodity!

What is an insurance company? They don’t do a single check-up. They don’t do a single exam, they don’t perform an operation. Medicare has a 4 percent overhead rate. The real question is why do we have a private plan?

The Insurance companies are nothing more than carpet-bagging middlemen that are subsidized by our tax dollars in many instances. 40 percent of Insured Americans get their healthcare from a single payer, government-run source-VA, Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP, Dept of Defense, etc.