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What’s in the healthcare bill? Even Senators aren’t sure.

I have a bet going with myself about the healthcare bill that will be voted on by the assholes in the Senate bright and early this morning.

I bet that those jerkwads, for the most part, haven’t read the complete bill and have even less of an understanding of what’s in the damn thing and how it will work.

Who thinks I am wrong? Anyone? Then, I read the McClatchy writeup and felt vindicated. From McClatchy:

Will health insurance premiums go up or down under House of Representatives and Senate health-care plans?

It’s hard to say, and it depends on who you are.

Will the plans “bend the cost curve,” as Democrats so badly want? Maybe, but again, there’s no easy answer.

The health-care legislation scheduled for a Senate vote early Thursday is a 2,000-page plus grab-bag of ideas and strategies, and a lot of senators are as confused about its potential impact as the general public is.

“It has to be complicated,” said Timothy Jost, a law professor at Washington & Lee University in Lexington, Va., because it overhauls a complex system that involves one-sixth of the American economy.

However, Jost added, “It’s probably more complicated than it has to be.” Constituents are puzzled.

If the idiots that ram this through can’t explain wtf is going to happen..then who can?

My guess is The Insurance Companies. The AHIP press release can be read here. Five will get ya ten they helped craft the fucker. The lobbyists always do, you know.

Then the secretive and wholly partisan blending of the House and Senate bills will commence. Of course that won’t begin until after New Years. Hell, probably not until after The Big O’s State of the Union speechifying.

I will be watching the…cough..historic vote that will take place in a few hours. Afterwards..all the bigwig’s will gather on the Senate steps and wax dramatic about what they have just accomplished.They will invoke Teddy Kennedy’s name as well. Bank on it.

And what will they have accomplished? A big, fat corporate welfare check of a bill for the greedy bastards in the insurance game.

Oh, and are now a lying sack of sheepshit dude. Because your candy ass did campaign for the public option and against the mandate. A mandate that does little to stem the tide of money flowing into the coffers of big insurance, while it leaves at least 20 million Americans still without health insurance.

Taxing union members because they negotiated a contract that gave up salary hikes to get great healthcare benefits..don’t you just love that part of it? I understand that section completely.

Check out the McClatchy link..there IS one person that seems to understand the bill and it’s intended and unintended consequences. Linda Blumberg, an economist and a senior fellow at Washington’s nonpartisan Urban Institute.

I won’t spoil the ending..but she does give us a dose of bad news in her examination of ‘the bill’.

Ah..don’t you just love the smell of health insurance reform in the morning? Just don’t breathe in too deep.

In Teddy’s name, they will get it done tomorrow.

I just watched the Senators wax poetic about the healthcare bill they are about to pass. Harkin did bring a lump to my throat when he spoke about Teddy and his assistant that still carried the torch for healthcare for all after Teddy died.
I do not call it a ‘reform’ bill because it does so fucking little in that regard. I still consider the bulk of it to be corporate welfare for the insurance companies. Fucking bendejo’s  do not need another handout..they have more than their share of those sumbitches.

Invoking Teddy’s name really kinda pisses me off too..this bill is that shitty.

So kiss my hairy ass you bunch of fucking bought bastards. You do not honor Kennedy’s legacy with this friggin bill. Not even close.