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Biblethumper jokes about torture. What a guy!

The Huckster, gotta love this cretin..don’t ya know?

Huckabee jokes about assassinating Obama

Assassinating anyone isn’t funny. Ever. From AP, these words came out of his mouth:

“That was Barack Obama. He just tripped off a chair. He’s getting ready to speak and somebody aimed a gun at him and he — he dove for the floor.”

Even the NRA crowd, where he delivered the line, didn’t laugh. Sick Fuck.

Graphic by Dark Wraith

Weathervane McCain sews up Repub nod..

And..he will hurry on over to the White House tomorrow to get King George’s kiss of, I mean blessing.

We, the universal we, can only hope that Bush endorsing and waxing poetic (snark alert) about the wonders of McCain will have the opposite effect on the masses. I fully expect the 20% still drinking the KoolAid to get giddy..but the rest of the registered Repubs will just sigh and vote for anyone else but Weathervane.

Huck is giving his goodbye he’s using a baseball analogy. God save us from this dispshit.

Artwork by the wonderfully delicious political artist known as Dark Black

Sirota called Huckabee the winner back in August.

Interestingly enough, he also said Edwards would do ok..which second place in Iowa is a good showing for Edwards. Sirota calls both men “Economic Populists” and has stated for awhile that both of them would do better than 99% of the pundits were speculating.

Read Sirota’s piece August post on Huck here at HuffPo. Read his piece about Edwards and Huck here.

Huckabee’s floating cross Christmas ad

Hardball just ran all the candidates Christmas commercials today. With all the early-ass caucus’s and primaries this silly season, it’s ridiculous to watch these candidates say Happy Holidays and in the next breath vote for me.

The worst commercial was Hucks. He actually had a freaking cross roll into the picture at the end of his. Even Matthews couldn’t believe it. Everyone else just had the good ol’ Xmas tree in the background..or a roaring fireplace..but not Huckabee. Nope, he had to get that good time religion ‘product placement’ into the picture.

I need to see if I can d/l it and post it here..un-fucking-believable.

Update: FOUND IT..catch the ‘floating cross’ behind ol Mikey. Talk about product placement..this one takes the gold.well, it just goes right along with the push polling being done in his name, don’t ya know?

this an overlay soundtrack that isn’t part of the actual commercial.