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Wonder if Huey is rolling over in his grave…

Sorry sportsfans..but this is wrong to me on several levels..yes i know, the beatles, aerosmith and lots of celebrities sell their souls and/or songs for cashola to stupid commericals..but this..this is just plain nasty..Huey Newton was a man on a mission. I met and worked with some of the original Panthers while fighting the “good” fight against the war, poverty and racism in the very early 70’s before they severed their ties with the SNCC(student non-violent coordinating committee). He was a blunt, foul-mouthed man but he was intelligent and dedicated to the “cause” at that point in his life. He was a founding member of the Black Panthers along with Bobby Seale and David Hilliard. J.Edgar Hoover called the Black Panthers the biggest threat to the security of the United States..what did that cross dressing fool know? During the late 60’s-early 70’s, the Panthers fed over 10,000 children EVERY day before they went to school. All J. Edgar ever did was wear ladies undergarments and kill many of the brightest minds that lived during this era.I just do not see how licensing his “burn baby burn” slogan for use in a friggin hot sauce campaign will do ANYTHING to further the cause of black people in the United you?

the link to the “smoking gun” article is embedded in the title.