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The good, the bad and the down right criminal.

First, a documentary on what Texaco/Chevron has done to the people and the land in South America. It really needs to be seen, and this trailer gives you a look into the dark, dastardly souls of the Oil Industry. It’s called..”CRUDE”.

The following video is not for people that get squeamish. It is brutal. I have it up only to inform as to what is done in our name to keep the price of egg’s cheap. I won’t even tell you what it did to me, all I am going to say is there are alternative methods of euthanizing living creatures. I don’t care if the price of eggs doubled, there are alternatives you sons of bitches.

This next video will hopefully make you laugh, its true but the delivery of their message is great!

Finally, something beautifully breathtaking from Ken Burns. His newest documentary, National Parks, will show on PBS sometime in mid-Sept in sections. This is a 25 minute long preview..and its fucking awesome. It will hopefully heal the horror you experienced if you watched videos number one and/or two in this post.

The Bush Tapes and my morning..

This morning, I am facing off against the lawyers for the insurance company regarding a petty bullshit move by the Workers Compensation carrier. What is that old saying..anyone that represents themselves has a fool for a client. Oh fucking well…wish me luck.

From the same guy that brought us yesterdays winner, The Empire Strikes Barack..todays offering:

The Empire Strikes Barack

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