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Kucinich Impeachment article to be read on the floor of the House today.

From a Kucinich email I got this morning:

This afternoon, at approximately 5 p.m. (EDT), the Clerk of the House of Representatives will give the first reading of the Article of Impeachment of President George Bush. Article One charges the President with deceiving Congress with fabricated threats of Iraq WMDs to fraudulently obtain support for an authorization of the use of military force against Iraq.

Once the Clerk reads the bill, I will move to refer the bill to the Judiciary Committee for hearings. I believe the American people have a right to an open airing of the charges against this President. Did he or did he not lie to take us into a war? I believe the evidence is overwhelming that President Bush knew that Iraq was not an imminent threat, was not in possession of WMDs at the time, and had nothing to do with 911 or with al Queda’s role in 911. And yet, despite having facts to the contrary, he took the U.S. into war with devastating consequences for our troops, our nation, and the people of Iraq. Congress must hold hearings.

It’s a little bit of history we can all watch. Hope all six of my readers will check it out on Cspan.

Update: The House vote to move the Impeach Article to the Judiciary committee has passed! One Democrat voted no but 7 Republicans voted yes! Final vote total: Yeas-238 No-180

Praise Buddha! Although Conyers has already said they will only discuss the measure, they will not forward it out of committee.

Kucinich and his articles of Impeachment

Bet this just jacked Pelosi’s jaw..good!

Thanks to C&L for the video.

Winner of the "Dump Dick" video contest has been named.

With August being the anniversary of Nixon’s resignation..damn, its been 33 years?? created a video contest, and they have announced the winner. Its a fine video too. The producer of the video is also the actress who phones Pelosi. Its pretty good, so take a minute to watch it: had lots of entries which you can watch here.

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WTF, sign Feingolds Censure letter.

The site to do that is here. I know it ain’t squat, I am not daft my dear reader. But it makes me feel like I did more than blog and bitch about it.

I am anticipating the next round of protests and marches..I am SO there..I haven’t been to one in a couple of months now, last one in L.A..nothing better than being with hundreds if not thousands of folks that feel exactly as I do..pissed the fuck off!

The Text of Feingolds censure letter for your titillation and enjoyment:

First Resolution: The President and the Vice President must be held accountable for leading the United States into war in Iraq under false pretenses.

From the false assertion that Iraq was linked to al-Qaeda, to that claim that Iraq harbored weapons of mass destruction that threatened the U.S., to insufficient war planning, to manipulating intelligence data to suit their ideology, to fiscal mismanagement of the war; this administration has failed our country at every turn and must be held to account.

Second Resolution: The President and the Attorney General must be condemned for their blatant disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution.

From the implementation of the illegal, domestic wiretapping program, to the use of military commissions, to redefining torture, to the politicization and mishandling of the U.S. Attorney scandal, to the refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas; the Bush White House, time and time again, has thumbed its nose at the law.

If Congress does not censure the President, the Vice President and the Attorney General, we will be tacitly condoning their actions, and undermining the very foundation on which our country was founded.

I therefore sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of Senator Feingold’s resolutions to censure the President, Vice President, and the Attorney General.

_____________________________ ___August 06, 2007 08:09 PM___

Your Name Here Date Signed

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