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Crass commercializing as a holiday?

The Fourth of July has become nothing more than a day the free markets, and capitalists in general, get a woody at the thought of their coffers overflowing with cash.

The Fourth really is nothing more than that, don’t bullshit me OK?

That said..enjoy your three-day weekend folks. The temperatures here in the southend of the San Joaquin valley are stifling ( 90-100+), not to mention the dewpoint and humidity off-the-friggin-charts, and therefore do not encourage anyone with an ounce of sense to spend any more time than necessary out of doors. The ball n’ chain™ will do his damnest to bribe me into running the BBQ, regardless of the meat being grilled…I do not do steaks…chicken only.

I will tell him to kiss my brown ass and consider making use of the crockpot…where he will then give in and do the dirty deed at least one day out of the next three.

Plenty of sports on my horizon and thankfully..NO FUCKING POLITICS, as all the assholes in DC have bee-lined it home for a blissful week of fucking off in their own stomping grounds around our wonderful nation.

Another Bonus for Pigs that don’t deserve it: BP gets a reprieve from the constant barrage of questions and news stories about the Gusher in the Gulf and the millions of people and animals…and our ecosystem that is slowly being destroyed.

Whatever you do…enjoy it or commit to it…. 😉

The photo is just a whimsical one that speaks to spying on Americans…hey, it’s the flag so it’s patriotic right?