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What about that ‘youth’ vote?

What about Edwards? He is hanging on by a thread but I want the race to be between him and Obama. Edwards hasn’t taken any PAC money or big corporate donations. That says a lot to me. I am still backing Kucinich at this point however.

The Pundits aren’t burying sHillary yet, but they have her on life support. I don’t think thats true either. She has the financial backing to go up to Super-Tuesday Feb 5th. That is when 20 states including mine have their primaries. If things shake out badly for her that day..I do think she will toss in the towel.

As for Iowa, thank Buddha it is done and over with..This mostly all Caucasian state really has no relevance to me in the race for the Presidency. Neither does New Hampshire. Lets see what primarily urban, mixed nationality states with large gay and lesbian voting blocks have to say.

The big vote in my opinion was the ‘youth’ vote. Those kids never come out in droves like they did last night in Iowa. If this trend continues..I think Huckabee and Obama will reap the rewards, as they did last night because they talk a good game that appeals to the young-uns. From Alternet:

The Iowa youth turnout rate has almost tripled since 2000. Participation of youth under 30 rose from 3 percent in 2000 to 11 percent in 2008. The turnout rate for those 30 and above was 15 percent. Among 17- to 29-year-old Democrats, 57 percent supported the winner, Barack Obama, and among 17- to 29-year-old Republicans, 40 percent supported the winner, Mike Huckabee, according to CNN’s entrance poll.

We need all the voters we can get, regardless of who they vote for. The more the makes it interesting if nothing else. ConsortiumNews has an interesting take on the post election speeches:

On the Democratic side, the contrast was visible during the post-caucus speeches by Clinton and Obama. Sen. Clinton was surrounded by old faces from Washington’s Democratic hierarchy, which has compromised its way through the past quarter century of Republican political dominance.

There was former Democratic National Committee chairman (and renowned fundraiser) Terry McAuliffe, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, retired Gen. Wesley Clark, and Bill Clinton, looking especially weary as he maintained a smile throughout his wife’s workmanlike political speech.

When Obama spoke to his supporters, the tableau was entirely different. He stood on a platform with his wife and two young daughters, with mostly young supporters behind him, not a single nationally recognized face among them.

Out with the with the new?

Final thoughts on the Iowa Caucus

Here are the semi-final numbers for Corn Country:
Candidate Votes % of votes
Barack Obama 879 37%
John Edwards 710 30%
Hillary Clinton 699 29%
Bill Richardson 50 2%
Joe Biden 22 1%
Dennis Kucinich 0 0%

95% of the precincts reporting

Candidate Votes % of votes
Mike Huckabee 30,852 34%
Mitt Romney 22,973 25%
Fred Thompson 12,289 14%
John McCain 12,109 13%
Ron Paul 8,995 10%
Rudy Giuliani 3,246 4%

78% of the precincts reporting

Edwards just thanked his supporters for coming in second..sHillary is up to bat now..didn’t say anything except “On to New Hampshire”..and lol..its a great night for Democrats. She however congratulated Obama and Edwards. Good for you bad feelings..get used to coming in third ok bitch?

Update numero Tres @6:26pm left coast time:
MSNBC is calling Obama the winner for the Democraps. His lead is less than 5%, but over 70% of the precincts are in I guess..sHillary and Edwards fighting it out for second..Edwards ahead but only by a handful of votes..

Ron Paul? He got 10% of the Rethug his wing nut supporters are bummed..only Rudee polled lower than Ronnie Paul..

Well, that was short and sweet..less time than to get a tooth drilled..

Update numero dos:

NBC is now calling the Republican side..with a whopping 25% of the ‘vote’ in..

The Huckster is winning Iowa..o fuck me..that bible-thumping sumbitch really appealed to those folks? What, they don’t realize he can’t find his ass with both hands when it comes to foreign policy? Asshats..

Update numero uno:

The Democraps are in a virtual dead heat: Edwards has 33%, sHillary 32% and Obama also has 33%

Only 15% of the corn-fed folks counted thus far..

If you want the Rethug sick fuck..Huck has 36% and his closest is Mitty with 26%..

The first thing I have noticed is that they, the pundits, are saying there is a much larger turnout than in 04. Three times the amount of Iowans are in their caucus halls..KO just stated the numbers are pretty high for college and youth. Oh, and they have 99 counties in fucking Iowa..

That would bode well for the Democrats right?

oh well, more later..I have nothing better to do than watch the talking heads watch the Iowan’s..

Kucinich not allowed to participate in final Iowa debate

EDIT: A hearty Thank you to NYTexan for providing us with the numbers to call the idiots at the Iowa newspaper about this bullshittery:
the Des Moines Register’s top officials, including editor Carolyn Washburn (515) 284-8502.

Laura Hollingsworth President and Publisher (515) 284-8041
Randy Brubaker Managing Editor (515) 284-8590
Randy Evans Assistant Managing Editor (515) 284-8118

The Des Moines Register letters to the editor e-mail:
Telephone switchboard
Local: (515) 284-8000
Iowa: (800) 532-1455
Outside Iowa: (800) 247-5346

This is SUCH bullshit. Today’s Rethug debate in Iowa had the yahoo Alan Keyes of all freaking people..but Kucinich wasn’t allowed in Thursday’s final Democratic debate in Iowa because:

He didn’t open an office in the state with paid employees..only volunteers apparently. But Keyes? Hell I didn’t even know that fuckwit was running, although according to Eugene Robinson tonight on Countdown Keyes runs every election cycle for President..its his only job apparently. Back to my man Kucinich, his office released the following statement regarding the horseshit excuse given him by the idiots in Iowa:

“The Iowa caucuses have been portrayed as having national implications, and if the Register has decided to use hair-splitting technicalities to exclude the leading voice of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, then the entire process is suspect,”

Christ, this pisses me off so bad..I am going to hunt down a bottle of wine shortly. The only question is..will Chardonnay go with homemade Chili? I hope that a million locust invade Iowa..wait..its winter..ok, I hope they get icestorms every day of the week this winter..real nasty ones..especially for the asshats that made this bone-headed decision to uninvite Kucinich.

The picture is what Iowa is best known for shitty chandeliers and of course corn :p