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Kucinich not allowed to participate in final Iowa debate

EDIT: A hearty Thank you to NYTexan for providing us with the numbers to call the idiots at the Iowa newspaper about this bullshittery:
the Des Moines Register’s top officials, including editor Carolyn Washburn (515) 284-8502.

Laura Hollingsworth President and Publisher (515) 284-8041
Randy Brubaker Managing Editor (515) 284-8590
Randy Evans Assistant Managing Editor (515) 284-8118

The Des Moines Register letters to the editor e-mail:
Telephone switchboard
Local: (515) 284-8000
Iowa: (800) 532-1455
Outside Iowa: (800) 247-5346

This is SUCH bullshit. Today’s Rethug debate in Iowa had the yahoo Alan Keyes of all freaking people..but Kucinich wasn’t allowed in Thursday’s final Democratic debate in Iowa because:

He didn’t open an office in the state with paid employees..only volunteers apparently. But Keyes? Hell I didn’t even know that fuckwit was running, although according to Eugene Robinson tonight on Countdown Keyes runs every election cycle for President..its his only job apparently. Back to my man Kucinich, his office released the following statement regarding the horseshit excuse given him by the idiots in Iowa:

“The Iowa caucuses have been portrayed as having national implications, and if the Register has decided to use hair-splitting technicalities to exclude the leading voice of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, then the entire process is suspect,”

Christ, this pisses me off so bad..I am going to hunt down a bottle of wine shortly. The only question is..will Chardonnay go with homemade Chili? I hope that a million locust invade Iowa..wait..its winter..ok, I hope they get icestorms every day of the week this winter..real nasty ones..especially for the asshats that made this bone-headed decision to uninvite Kucinich.

The picture is what Iowa is best known for shitty chandeliers and of course corn :p