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Does this outfit make me look dumb and ineffective?

The Big O™ is now giving up on his position that Israel should cease building more homes and settlements on Palestinian land, asking both sides to come back to the table and discuss.

Yeah right jackass, like that is going to change anything Israel does regarding the Palestinian’s right to live and exist like humans on their own land.

The NYT sums up The Big O’s new position this way:

Rather, Mr. Obama, unable to extract that concession from Israel or other confidence-building moves from Arab states, seems intent to press Palestinians and Israelis to negotiate all the difficult issues between them toward a final deal that has eluded negotiators, and bedeviled American presidents, since President Jimmy Carter brokered a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt in 1979.

The pivot toward tackling issues that include the status of Jerusalem, the fate of Palestinian refugees and the borders of a future Palestinian state greatly increases the stakes for an administration that has found even small advances to be beyond reach. It also risks making Mr. Obama appear ineffective in having not gained a tangible early goal of his Middle East policy.

The last sentence really chaps my ass as it’s so friggin obvious to me. Ineffective, thy name is Barack Obama.

Obama has changed his ‘position’ so many times on so many issues he and we should all have a nasty friggin case of whiplash at this point. In fact, I am hardpressed to name one thing The Big O has steadfastly maintained his position on since we the people elected him last November.

Oh wait..I got one!


If you, m’dear reader, have another, please by all means..leave it in the comment section ok? I would love to have something positive to cheer about these days.

In the meantime, enjoy Will Ferrel’s new Funny or Die video on health insurance reform.

Israel keeps water from Palestinians.

This is SO fucked up. The European Union, the UN, and everyone else that talks to Israel needs to bitch slap them for this bullshit. Pathetic fucks.

The anniversary of the creation of Israel

Tomorrow is the 61st anniversary of Israel’s creation in the middle east. I want Palestinian’s and Jews to live in peace. American Friends Service Committee, AFSC, has a video that shows how the Palestinian land has been carved up during the various decades.

Palestinian’s should be allowed to live on their homeland and be self-sustaining. Israel has taken control of prime real estate over the decades. There has to be a dialogue that offers both groups of people freedom to live in peace. There has to be….

May 15,1948 was a banner day for Jews. It was quite the opposite for Palestinians. The nightmare has never ended for Palestinians.When will peace come to this region..or is the real question…

Will peace ever come to this region?

From AFSC’s site:

There are often different understandings of the history of 1948 and its ongoing significance. We believe that an honest discussion and accounting of this period is central to any lasting and just peace between Palestinians and Jewish Israelis.

61 years of war and turmoil must to come to an end..It will take the entire world to accomplish this. Please, let the conversation begin today.

Israel denounces Gaza war crimes investigation by UN

And this really, would be laughable if it wasn’t so damn disgusting. It is also a high-irony alert. From Jurist:

In an interview with a reporter, Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said the probe is an attempt to demonize Israel and that it has no moral ground. Palmor also condemned the UNHRC as unreliable and having the worst history of all the organizations within the UN. The criticism came the same day that the UNHRC announced the appointment of South African judge Richard Goldstone to head the fact-finding mission. Israel has not said if it will cooperate with the probe, which was originally approved by the UNHCR in January.

The impetus for the probe was a report [authored by UN Special Rapporteur Richard Falk], which criticized Israel for failing to take adequate precautions to distinguish between civilians and combatants in their offensives in the region. Both Israel and the US criticized the report, calling the rapporteur’s views “anything but fair.” An internal Israeli military investigation found earlier this week that war crimes had not been committed in the offensive despite individual reports by Israeli soldiers. Israel has already disputed a previous report to the UNHRC that accused it of human rights violations. In January, the International Criminal Court (ICC) said that it lacked standing to investigate possible war crimes in Gaza.

Sweet Jaysus in a speedo..demonize Israel and that it has no moral ground? Dude, you are so full of shit, your eyes better be brown. Morally, Israel is so bankrupt, when it comes to Palestine..I can’t even begin to point out the obvious here…but let me try..

Letting Israel’s military investigate their own war crimes is tantamount to the fox guarding the henhouse.

Their own soldiers reported various war crimes during the latest Gaza seige.

Plenty of news reports are out there..including numerous videos of Israel bombing civilians homes.

More civilians were killed than Hamas soldiers in Gaza, by all news accounts. This one alone states 1,434 Palestinians, including 960 civilians were killed.

Violations of the Geneva Conventions which require the military to distinguish between military targets and surrounding civilians.

From The Guardian:

The Guardian has compiled detailed evidence of alleged war crimes committed by Israel during the 23-day offensive in the Gaza Strip earlier this year, involving the use of Palestinian children as human shields and the targeting of medics and hospitals.

A month-long investigation also obtained evidence of civilians being hit by fire from unmanned drone aircraft said to be so accurate that their operators can tell the colour of the clothes worn by a target.
Some of the most dramatic testimony gathered by the Guardian came from three teenage brothers in the al-Attar family. They describe how they were taken from home at gunpoint, made to kneel in front of Israeli tanks to deter Hamas fighters from firing, and sent by Israeli soldiers into Palestinian houses to clear them. “They would make us go first so if any fighters shot at them the bullets would hit us, not them,” 14-year-old Al’a al-Attar said.

Israel isn’t above the law or the Geneva Conventions. That they would kill more civilians than Hamas soldiers and use children as human shields turns my stomach. Watch all three parts of The Guardians investigation into Israel war crimes here.

9 Israeli human rights groups think Israel has committed war crimes

I shit you not people. From IHT:

Nine Israeli human rights groups called on Wednesday for an investigation into whether Israeli officials had committed war crimes in Gaza since tens of thousands of civilians there have nowhere to flee, the health system has collapsed, many are without electricity and running water, and some are beyond the reach of rescue teams.

“This kind of fighting constitutes a blatant violation of the laws of warfare and raises the suspicion, which we ask be investigated, of the commission of war crimes,” the groups said in their first news conference on the 19-day-old war.

If that doesn’t tell you something, your fucking daft. Keep in mind that both Hamas and Israel are asshats of the highest order. Both are war-mongering fucks.

But Israel admits it has not slowed down Hamas. From another IHT article:

Despite heavy air and ground assaults, Israel has yet to cripple the military wing of Hamas or destroy the group’s ability to launch rockets, Israeli intelligence officials said on Tuesday, suggesting that Israel’s main goals in the conflict remain unfulfilled even after more than two weeks of war.

The comments reflected a view among some Israeli officials that any lasting solution to the conflict would require either a breakthrough diplomatic accord that heavily restricts Hamas’s military abilities or a deeper ground assault into urban areas of Gaza, known here as a possible “Phase Three” of the war.

Over a thousand Palestinians have been killed so far. From the Guardian article:

So far 1,010 Palestinians have died, including 315 children and 95 women, Dr Moawiya Hassanein, head of Gaza’s medical emergency services, told the Guardian. The number of injured after 19 days of fighting stood at 4,700, he said. On the Israeli side, 13 people have died, among them three civilians, and four soldiers accidentally killed by their own troops.

If two weeks of constant shelling has not stopped Hamas…perhaps it is time to talk ya’all? Or do the numbers of dead and wounded in this pissing contest mean nothing to either side?

Dick Cheney has no remorse for the thousands of dead and wounded in Iraq…it’s not impossible to believe the same about Hamas and the government of Israel..but it does sicken and anger me.

Speaking of moi… the doc thinks I have old bat with mono…wtf? All I know is I ain’t getting any better and I am a tad bitchy..ok…real bitchy. The ball and chain is real glad I am sleeping a LOT. 😉