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It’s about time!

This asshole, has finally been jailed.

Sadly, it wasn’t for his fuckery regarding ACORN, where the white guy played a pimp of all things.

Trying to bug a senator’s office is a federal offense right? I can’t wait to see how the DOJ deals with James O’Keefe and his co-conspirators. One of his buddies sure has some explaining to do, as his father is an acting US Attorney, one Bill Flanagan.

Wonder how all the rightwing nutters will process these newest developments. They think James O’Keefe is a hero because of his ACORN ‘undercover’ videos.

I think he is just another rightwing nutter who see’s nothing wrong with using WaterGate-type tactics. I have no love for Mary Landrieu..none. But that said:

I hope he looks good in prison orange. Fucking douche nozzle.