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Jane Stillwater, a liberal blogger goes to Baghdad

This woman is either brave or nuts. She is a 60 something from Berkley and a member of the old guard known as hippies. She is in the Green Zone as a blogger on a shoe string budget..and thats putting it mildly. IraqSlogger makes fun of her here. A brief excerpt of what they have to say about Jane:

Is Jane the vanguard of a new left-of-left wing blogohippies soon to haunt the Green Zone singing Kumbayah at the DFAC and doing sit-ins at Gate 12? Not really, but she is worth rooting for. Her ability to get a CPIC card (a useless piece of plastic that doesn’t get you anywhere except not arrested) is worth noting. She travels free of security and black GMC’s, free of heavy gear and technology, free of access, support or survival skills..and in Jane’s case free of any funding or responsibility to cover the war under normal journalistic standards.

Jane is over there without body armor, without a computer and god knows what else. Her blog is here. She seems very naive to me, I don’t know what she was expecting. She was there for McCain’s recent stroll through Baghdad outside the green zone. She went to his news conference and actually asked him a question.

Jane hasn’t been outside the green zone yet and she is chomping at the bit. She gets excited at seeing a military issued Hummer up close and personal. She describes in detail MRE’s. She reviews the military chow hall in Kuwait for her readers. But her claim to fame so far is this:

She asked ol Weathervane McCain a question during his ‘press conference’ and she got a “no comment” out of the dipshit. Good on ya Jane! That exchange is about half way down the blog. She has a rudimentary blog so there aren’t any permalinks to individual posts.

Good Luck Lady Jane, be as safe as you can in a warzone. I will follow your adventure. You got some big brass ones chicklet.

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