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Rand Paul uses straw man argument re: AZ shootings.

Leave it to a self-certified, not board-certified, eye doc Rand Paul to say publicly on Faux Noise today that the killer in AZ is a bona-fide paranoid schizophrenic. How Paul knows this by merely reading shit online about the shooter just amazes me. Does that mean I can assume that Rand Paul is a fucking idiot who shouldn’t be allowed out by himself, based on what I have read and hear him publicly say?

I am sure he is trying like hell to deflect any and all criticism that the rightwingers like him, Beck, Palin and many teabaggers in general egg these sick fucks on with their highly inflammatory, dual-meaning, violent rhetoric.Just ponder his lame-ass remark below:

But the weapons don’t kill people, it’s the individual that kills — that killed these people.

Yeah right Rand, and it’s not a strawman argument at all, is it? The rightwing nutters are all aflutter with worry that the gun control debate will come front and center again.

I hope it does. There doesn’t seem to be any real checks and balances that will weed out the truly sick fucks when it comes to purchasing weaponry.

As someone that grew up with guns in the house and a handgun owner my entire adult life, I fully support busting anyone’s chops, by any means available, that wants to purchase a large caliber handgun,oversized ammo clips, Armour-piercing bullets, or semi-automatic weapons. Start with banning gun shows where anything your little gun-toting heart desires can be purchased with out even the simplest of background checks. Gun show participants will also sell you and show you how to install systems on your current weaponry to make it either semi or fully automatic.

Giving lip service to the NRA by stating currently used background checks are adequate and it’s the person not the gun is pure unadulterated horseshit.