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Jason Leopold has new website

Its called The Public Record. From the About Us section of the site:

The Public Record, or TPR, is a nonprofit, independent, investigative news magazine.

TPR features hard-hitting original reports and biting commentary covering a wide-range of domestic and international issues. We have cultivated the best, the brightest, and the bravest journalistic minds and provided them with a media outlet to showcase their work.

We believe the independent and mainstream media have become saturated with individuals who opine and pontificate instead of report. Sadly, that means many important topics are not being covered. That is a void we intend to fill.

The Public Record is modeled after two newsletters published and reported by two muckraking journalists we have long admired: I.F. Stone, who published I.F. Stone’s Weekly, and George Seldes, who published In Fact. We decided to call this publication The Public Record as a way of paying homage to Mr. Stone, who, to paraphrase the man, famously remarked that there is a wealth of important information in the public record if one simply took the time to search for it.

Think I will wander around their site for a bit. If you do, my dear reader, tell me what you think…

Jason Leopold no longer working for TruthOut

Update: Just got a response to my email from Jason. He is working on getting out his own online political magazine entitled: He hopes to premiere it sometime in Mid-March. I will of course notify folks when it is up and running. Jason has done some fantastic work on numerous fronts, so I look forward to his new endeavor.

I just received an email from TruthOut stating very succinctly that Jason Leopold is no longer writing for them. I am well aware of his ups and downs but have always considered him a good writer and excellent investigative reporter. From the email:

To Our Readership and Friends,

Jason Leopold is no longer employed by Truthout.

Jason is a truly gifted reporter, and his efforts on behalf of Truthout have been greatly appreciated.

There may be some speculation that this announcement is connected in some way to Truthout's reporting of the Karl Rove indictment matter. It is not. At the time of our reporting on the Rove matter we stood by the factual accuracy of our reports, and we stand by them now.

We sincerely wish Jason the best of luck.

Marc Ash, Executive Director - t r u t h o u t

I don't know if he walked or was pushed..strange, very strange...

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