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Gay 14-Year-Old Bravely Defends Teacher to Michigan School Board

Give this wonderful kid his props. Makes me wonder if all of us that truly support LGBT rights and hate-crime legislation, would be able to do what 14 year old Graeme Taylor did. From the link:

Last month, Michigan high school teacher Jay McDowell was suspended for a day when he booted a kid from his classroom for making hateful comments about gays. (The kid was also wearing a belt buckle with the Confederate flag on it.) In the wake of it, a chorus of people showed up to a school board meeting to support him, including students and fellow teachers delivering impassioned speeches. But none was so moving as young Graeme Taylor, 14 and out, speaking not only about the overarching righteousness of McDowell but about his own experiences being gay in the classroom. Must watch HERE:

I am humbled by this child.  I am highly pissed that the homophobes suspended that teacher for attempting to show that little hatred indoctrinated child that hating is wrong and never should be tolerated..

The video doesn’t have an embed code, or I would of put it up.

Surprise, C&L has the embed video: